The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Eighth Day

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How time flies!

It’s Sunday already and the parents are coming back at the 5am flight tomorrow morning!

Last night, I was still busy cleaning the gas cooker and kitchen hood while trying to wipe off the thick grime with Jif until 2am. Then this morning, I continued where I left off and began wiping the kitchen top, cabinets and wall tiles too.

I’ve lost count the number of times I climbed up and down the stool to rinse the rag and wipe the walls but my bones are falling apart already. The skin on my hands are now wrinkled and it stings a little due to the long contact with Jif but it sure is a very efficient cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn stains! After cleaning the kitchen, I vacuumed and mopped the entire house too.

Now that the kitchen is done with, and all the window sills in the house have already been wiped and curtains changed in the previous’ weeks, there is literally no heavy chores left for my mum to do! I can proudly say that Spring Cleaning is completed for my house already.

We can just sit back, relax and wait for the Lunar New Year to arrive.

After all that hard work, I’m famished as I still haven’t taken my breakfast nor lunch yet. I’m now having a little craving for Spaghetti but I’m too lazy to cut and chop so I guess I’ll buy the ready made sauce and cook.

I think I’ll watch AVP (Alien VS Predator) while having my dinner tonight.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Seventh Day

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After waking up this morning, I handwashed the laundry, watered the plants and tidied up the whole house. The parents are coming back in two more days and I have to keep the house spick and span awaiting for their arrival.

It was just like yesterday when they flew all the way to China and left me alone to fend for myself. Initially, I wasn’t used to all the loneliness but somehow, I’ve gotten use to the peace and quiet and I think I even enjoy it!

With no one to breathe down my neck, I could do almost anything I want but on the contrary, I’ve been living a more disciplined life for the past few days compared to when my parents are at home.

I believed that staying alone, I have to be responsible for my own actions and I have to do everything myself. There is a stipulated time for everything I do and I’m getting used to such routine already.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Six

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I finally set out to do abit of cleaning up the aquarium, something which I’ve been putting off for quite a while.

Cleaning two 4-feet (48 inch) fish tanks is no mean feat. I spent almost half a day just washing the filter and siphoning the debris.

Filtration plays an important part in an underwater eco-system. It ‘cycles’ the water by sucking the water into the filtration system whereby any physical impurities (eg. fish waste, uneaten food) are trapped by the cotton and allows clean water to flow back into the aquarium. This, is Mechanical filtration.

Fish waste contains ammonia and if unremoved, will rapidly build up to high concentrations which can be toxic to fishes. Ammonia could be easily removed with the addition of ceramic rings or bio-balls into the filter. Useful bacteria will colonise and multiply on these ceramic rings to help break down the ammonia into harmless nitrite. If there are water plants in the aquarium, it may take the filtration one step further by absorbing nitrate as nutrients. This, is called Biological filtration.

Any other pollutants (eg. pesticides, perfume, smoke) that entered through the water surface which cannot be removed by Mechanical and Biological filtration, can be adsorbed by Activated Carbon which is added to the filter. This process is called Chemical filtration.

An ideal filter should be able to perform the three processes mentioned above and is readily available in the market.

With a good filtration system running in your aquarium, it lowers the frequency of water changes that you have to make. A fish in optimal health displays vibrant colors and are more lively than fishes that live in stagnant water.

If you’re able to replicate a living condition which is similar to their natural habitat, they might even reproduce if they feel very much at home in the aquarium!

Presenting to you, the fish waste.

Presenting, the occupants in my aquarium.



The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Five

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I went back for my second interview today.

As I sat on the bus, I saw someone smiling and waving to me. At first, I can’t recognise who it was until she got close enough before I realised that it’s Pearlyn. We chatted for a while before she alighted and I continued my journey.

It was still early so I went to the Mac at PS to go through my list of interview questions again. When it was time to make my way to the company, I realised it was pouring heavily outside! Damn, whenever I had my umbrella with me, it won’t rain but just when I didn’t bring along a umbrella today, it started to rain.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures. I went back inside PS and scoured through levels by levels to look for any umbrellas for sale when I spotted a rack of umbrellas outside Daiso. What luck! I immediately grabbed one and paid for it without even checking.

As I walked out of the building where alot of people were seeking shelter, I proudly opened my new umbrella and stepped out into the rain. It was only then I realised how small the umbrella was and it’s just enough to shield my head from the rain. It was a kiddy umbrella!

There was no turning back so I quickened my steps and braved headlong into the storm.

The water was rising fast and the flood at the traffic lights were almost ankle deep. While crossing the road, my whole feet were submerged under water and by the time I waded my way to the opposite side, both my feet were swimmming in my shoes.  

I was just in time for the interview but somehow, I felt I may have screwed up because half the time, I don’t even know what the interviewer was talking about with his heavy Indian accent. It was the most agonising twenty minutes of my life trying to understand what he’s really saying!

Whether I get this job or not, I’ll leave it to fate.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Three

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I was supposed to return to school and help out with the CCA Roadshow this morning but I had an interview in the afternoon.

The interview was alright but… I don’t want to dig my own grave by talking bad about my interviewer here. You never know where news might travel to. 

After the interview, it was only about three-thirty in the afternoon, so I walked across the street to PS to have my brunch cum dinner. I walked a few rounds and decided on MOS Burger as it was the least crowded. There’s something weird with my gut these days. I’m only having one meal per day yet when the food is in front of me, I lose all appetite to eat.

Hence, I had a staring competition with my Teppanyaki Burger. We stared at each other for a long time but in the end, I still won.

After that, I didn’t want to go home too early to face the four walls so I just walk aimlessly around PS. I went to watch the hamsters at PLC but the staff threw the shopping basket onto the floor near my feet. Not once but three times.

Fine, I’ll leave if I had obstructed you from doing business, PLC. I won’t step into any of your branches again since you don’t like me.

rob (600 x 450)
I mish my robolets…

I had initially wanted to buy a hamster for company but since PLC finds my money filthy, I’ll just have to spend my money elsewhere! (I wonder what the ‘P‘ and ‘S in your core value stands for anyway?)

I decided to get some groceries from Carrefour to fill up the fridge but then, I thought of the distance home and I decided against it. I tried looking for the har cheong mentioned by Ah Blu but I can’t find it.

I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the wet market tomorrow morning already. I hadn’t had a decent meal in days.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Two

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I’ve got company today!

My aunt came all the way from Hougang and she even tapau-ed laksa for me!

We had lunch and watched Taiwanese drama together. She had weak legs and cannot walk long distances so I’m really touched to see her.

She didn’t stay for long but she’s coming again on Saturday and she promised to bring along char siew paus!

Can’t wait!

The adventures of lonely boy – Day One

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Somehow, I’ve managed to survive the first night.

I couldn’t sleep and spent the whole night patrolling the house. At around 3 am, I went to the toilet in my parents room and when I switched on the lights, I sighted no less than eight freaking baby cockroaches on the floors!

TMD!! They having Zouk Out while my parents are away is it?

I’ve gatecrashed their party with my sudden appearance and I guessed I’m not welcome because they started running in different directions the moment the lights came on!

I wasted no time and immediately spring into action! I stepped on those tiny ones with my bare foot while those slightly larger ones, I piak them with a slipper!

Normally, I do not advocate the taking of lives unneccesarily however, when it comes to cockroaches,  I can be very unforgiving.

In less than a minute, I’ve managed to exterminate all those cunning fakers. To ensure that they are not faking their own deaths, I sprayed hot water to wash them down the gutter. When it comes to such things, CANNOT ASSUME! MUST ENSURE!


The remainder of the night was spent channel surfing.

By the time I went to bed, it was already 5 am. I could hear alarm clocks ringing in the distance and people getting into their cars downstairs. I woke up at 10 am and while my subconscious is telling me to go back to sleep, my ears are trying to pick up the familiar sounds of my mum doing housework in the kitchen.

But no, all was quiet. There’s nothing stirring inside the house.

I spent the morning watching Kids Central while feeding the fishes and watering the plants in the afternoon.

I’m hungry but I’m too lazy to go out for food. The glaring sun is not encouraging me to step out of the house and there’s nothing in the fridge for me to cook up a storm as my mum stopped marketing a week ago to prepare for her trip.

The fact that someone somewhere is cooking curry when I’m feeling very hungry is not helping the situation!

I finally carried my fat ass out of the house to get some food at 5 pm when the sun is not that threatening anymore.

How will The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Two turn out?

Stay tuned!

Here’s the IKEA frame with the SPCA 101 Salvations poster.