Malacca Trip Day Two Part Four

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day Two Part 3…)

At last, we have come to the last installment of my Malacca trip.

That’s a bit long for a two days one night trip, I must say.

Anyway, after boarding the coach at Mahkota Parade, we are finally leaving Malacca and headed for dinner at Kulai.

With nothing to do on a long journey, I nodded off like most of the people on board who got tired of chatting with their neighbors and karaoke-ing.

We must have traveled for quite a while when the coach came to a stop.

“What’s going on? Why are we stopping by the roadside? Are we there already?”

It’s for this!

Delicious yellow fruit!

The smell of the durians have aroused every senses in us! Everyone felt tired no more instantly!

Why spend thousands on gym packages when you can train your chest opening durians?

After durians, we were on the road again

It didn’t take me long to realize what a bad idea it was to have durians on a long journey

I smelled durian farts and we are all trapped in the coach! Cannot open windows somemore! *fan for air*

After more hours of traveling (I’ve lost track of time) on the endless highway, we finally reached Kulai!

Dinner was at this double-storey building and we climbed the stairs to the second floor. The room wasn’t that big but the deco was nice and cosy.

I loved the wallpaper!

Very classy, very elegant! I like!


Chants: Sharksfin is cruel

This is nice but the sauce is barely enough

Very fatty but very nice!

I don’t usually eat fatty meat but this one just melt in your mouth…

I think this is Lemon Chicken

This is uber nice!

The knotty thingy is Fu Chok! Anyone know the recipe or the name of this dish?

The dishes

After dinner, it’s time to hit the road again

This time, we are headed for the immigration checkpoint.

The sky is turning dark


Thank goodness traffic was smooth and we managed to clear the custom without a hitch!

I’m glad to be able to spend quality time with Mum but at the same time, I’m not very happy with the itinerary.

How could I tell people that I have been to Malacca when I have not tasted Chicken Rice Balls or even visited Christchurch? (I have to make my own way there but I still didn’t get to see the Stadhuys and St Paul’s hill due to the lack of time)

It’s like going to China without seeing the Great Wall and leaving England without taking a picture with the Big Ben!

I would love to visit Malacca again for their Chicken Rice Balls and the Cendol from Dessert 88 at Jonker Street. I also hope to return with a better camera so I could snap better pictures of the architecture especially the Orangutan House which I failed to locate.

And with that, I conclude the end of my two days and one night trip to Malacca.

Malacca Trip Day Two Part 2

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day Two Part 1…)

After leaving the Sam Po Kong Temple and Hang Li Poh Well, the coach brought us to a Laughing Buddha Temple an hours’ drive away. We were there  for quite long as some people wanted their fortunes told while some prayed for (money) luck.
I was getting edgy because time is running out and I wanted to visit more places yet here we are wasting precious time.

We finally left the Laughing Buddha Temple and headed for lunch at Restoran Hikeng.

Lunch was here at Restoran Hikeng

Mixed Platter

Can’t remember what this is…

Pork something

Egg Tofu with Oyster Sauce

Fish Maw Soup with Fishball

Steamed Garoupa

The four heavenly kings – Aubergine, Okra, Winged Beans and Petai

Lemon Chicken

As a standard routine, I would always visit the washroom after a meal to empty my bladder.

On that fateful day, poor me did not expect what awaits inside the washroom. The moment I pushed open the door, I was greeted by a scene of epic proportions which I thought I could only find in a disaster movie!

The toilet bowl was choked to the brim and the slightest ripple would cause the water to overflow. Worst of all, there were lots and lots and lots and lots of yellow “submarines” in it!

You gotta believe me, at that point of time, I was fearing that this would happen…

Run for your lives!

I back out of the washroom slowly, not daring to make any sudden movements which might cause that ripple to occur!

I returned to the table, traumatized and trying hard to erase that horrendous scene from my memory.

So, after lunch, we boarded the coach and was told that the itinerary for the remainder of the day will be shopping at Makhota Parade followed by dinner at Kulai and then straight to the second link.


We came all the way to this historical place rich with heritage and we are leaving without visiting the Farmosa, Christchurch and Stadthuys?

How can?

This is totally NOT the kind of historical cum heritage tour I was expecting!

Malacca Trip Day Two Part 3 coming up next!

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Malacca Trip Day Two Part 1

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day One Part 4…)

Before returning to our rooms the previous night, we were told that the hotel breakfast buffet would be available from 7am onwards.

The first round (L to R) Beef Rendang, Mee Goreng and Hashbrown

The Beef Rendang and Mee Goreng were very appetizing but the Hashbrown was a little soaked up with oil though. How I wished I had taken more servings of the first two items!

Second round: Porridge

Nothing fanciful. Just plain porridge with extremely salty ikan bilis.

Third round: Mini pan cakes

Cute as a button.

Fourth round: Nasi Lemak

Nice sambal but the rice was a little ‘rough’.

Come to think of it, the breakfast selection is quite ‘heavy’ due to the spices and coconut used.

Seems like I have eaten quite a lot but I had a bit of everything in moderation. I don’t have the habit to eat too full during long journeys as I’m afraid I can’t find a toilet in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, our first itinerary for the second day was the Sam Po Kong Temple and the Hang Li Poh well. Well, we are going somewhere historical and that’s a good start for the day.

Sam Po Kong Temple

There were numerous versions regarding the existence of the Sam Po Kong Temple.

One of the versions I read was that in the olden days, many Chinese traders flocked to Malacca with dreams of making it big. However, some died in this foreign land before they could fulfill their dreams. Thus, Sam Po Kong Temple was built to take care of their graves at Bukit Cina, many of whom have no descendants to care for because their families did not travel with them.

Another version I heard was that this temple was built in dedication to Admiral Cheng Ho, whose other name was, you guessed it, Sam Po.

Admiral Cheng Ho

Didn’t know he’s a hobbit

The Hang Li Poh well was situated right next to the Sam Po Kong Temple

The well water which wouldn’t overflow as demonstrated by the guide

Hang Li Poh Well

To most people, this is just an ordinary well but to me, there is a greater significant. As I mentioned before in my Pre Malacca Trip Thoughts, I loved history and I like to check up the history of a place before I visit so that I could better appreciate it.

Princess Hang Li Poh was married to the reigning Sultan Mansur Shah in
the mid 15th century for diplomatic ties between China and Malacca. The
well was then built at the foot of Bukit Cina – a Chinese settlement
given by the Sultan to the Princess as a gift.

In 1511, the Portuguese conquered Malacca and gained total control of the well, which was the city’s main source of water. In retaliation, Malay warriors filled the well with poison and many Portuguese who drank from it died.

In 1677, the Dutch conquered Malacca and enclosed the
well with a brick wall to maintain their rights over it. The well
was subsequently turned into a wishing well, a situation which
continues until today.

The brick wall built by the Dutch surrounding the well

After visiting the Sam Po Kong Temple and Hang Li Poh Well, it was time to board the coach for our next destination.
Where will we go next?

Find out more at my Malacca Trip Day Two Part 2!

Malacca Trip Day One Part 4

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day One Part 3…)

The sky was just beginning to turn dark when we stepped out of the Nyonya Gift Shop.

We boarded the coach and was told that we’re headed for the last itinerary of the day – Jonker Walk.

Whoopee! We are finally going somewhere touristy at long last!

I have long heard about this street in Malacca, a popular destination with both foreigners and locals alike!

After alighting the coach, we turned the corner and neon lights that spelled “Jonker Walk” greeted us

It’s interesting to know that Jalan Hang Jebat (the street where Jonker Walk is located) was named after Hang Tuah’s childhood friend.

According to Wiki:

Perhaps the most famous story in which Hang Tuah is involved is his fight with his closest childhood companion, Hang Jebat.
Hang Tuah’s deep loyalty to and popularity with the Sultan led to
rumours being circulated that Hang Tuah was having an illicit affair
with one of the Sultan’s stewardess
The Sultan sentenced Hang Tuah to death without trial for the alleged
offense. The death sentence was never carried out, however, because
Hang Tuah’s executioner, the Bendahara, went against the Sultan’s
orders and hid Hang Tuah in a remote region of Melaka.

Believing that Hang Tuah was dead, murdered unjustly by the Sultan
he served, Hang Jebat avenged his friend’s death. Hang Jebat’s revenge
allegedly became a palace killing spree or furious rebellion against
the Sultan (sources differ as to what actually occurred). It remains
consistent, however, that Hang Jebat wreaked havoc onto the royal
court, and the Sultan was unable to stop him, as none of the Sultan’s
warriors dared to challenge the more ferocious and skilled Hang Jebat.
The Bendahara then informed the Sultan that the only man able to stop
Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah, was still alive. The Bendahara recalled Hang
Tuah from his hiding place and the warrior was given full amnesty by
the Sultan and instructed to kill Hang Jebat. After seven gruelling
days of fighting, Hang Tuah was able to kill Hang Jebat.

It’s always useful to find out more about the history of a place before stepping foot in there. At least, you won’t sound so ignorant if people were to ask you about it.

Some karaoke activity going on with the Chinese community

Hugeass pineapple tart that was awarded the Malaysia Book of Records

That’s one tart long past it’s expiry date!

Ice lollies

I had the Sarsi one…

Fresh-out-of-the-oven 马蹄酥

My Mum bought three packs (10 pieces in a pack) to be distributed among my siblings back home.

I like the dragon-on-the-beam and intricate carvings on the windows of the Hokkien Association

Unfortunately, a stall set up right in front of it prevented me from taking a proper frontal shot of it.

The trademark of Jonker Street

San Shu Gong

At the end of Jonker Walk was this San Shu Gong shop selling local produce. From traditional biscuits to cuttlefish and chocolates, they have everything under one roof!

Oriental design on the window

Preserved mandarin oranges

Medicinal products

An old-school bench and table outside San Shu Gong

I wish I could bring this home!

Attempt to take professional architecture shot failed

Couldn’t take a steady shot with several shopping bags swinging from my arms…

I wished I had a DSLR at times like this…

We were given three hours to shop but unfortunately, my Mum and I covered the entire Jonker Walk in just one hour. We spent the remaining two hours on the coach waiting for the rest of the people to come back.

I was a little disheartened after visiting Jonker Walk because there wasn’t as much stalls as I had thought. My Mum said there were alot more stalls and variety during her last visit here. Most of the stalls I observed are selling repeated items like hand-held fans and magnets.

I wished I could have taken more architecture shots of Jonker Walk but there were way too many people around. Perhaps I should return during the day when there are lesser people.

I returned to the hotel feeling unsatisfied

I am pining all my hopes on the second day and hope it doesn’t disappoint me…

And so, that sums up the first day of my Malacca trip.

Day Two Part 1 of my Malacca trip coming up as soon as this entry reaches 1K views!

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Malacca Trip Day One Part 3

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(a continuation from Day One Part 2…) RIP JOHNNY DEPP DIED IN CAR CRASH BORDEAUX, France?

My apologies for the delay of this installment but the Qishan Abused Dogs are more important!

Magical healing in process…

Here’s a recap from Day One Part 2.

We were brought to this old shophouse not far from the hotel for a miracle ear-pricking session which is said to improve our eyesight.

I was sceptical over its’ claims. How does pricking ones’ ears aid in improving the eyesight?

I was getting restless waiting for them and it seems like forever when it finally ended.

“Surely we can go visit somewhere now?” I thought.

But I was dead wrong…

I was aghast to learn that the next activity won’t be till two hours later and the only thing we can do in the meantime was to take a rest in our room due to the long journey we had earlier. I could have ventured out myself for that two precious hours but my Mum wouldn’t hear of it and is worried that I might get mugged lose my way and can’t get back in time.

So, after much grumbling and two hours later, we gathered at the hotel lobby and were brought to Dataran Pahlawan for an hour’s shopping.

Shopping doesn’t arouse much interest in me as the stores are more or less the same everywhere. The only thing that managed to trigger my interest was seeing A&W but regrettably, dinner was next on the itinerary so I must leave my stomach alone.

Painful decision.

After leaving the shopping mall, dinner was at the following restaurant.

Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant
No 60 & 62 Taman Melaka Raya I,
Jalan Melaka Raya 25, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

The interior

Nyonya Chicken Curry

Nyonya Chap Chye

Pardon the blurriness because my hands were shaky someone was turning the lazy susan.

Sambal Fish or something

Sambal Okra

Udang Nenas

Cendol for eight in a large bowl

The aftermath

I’m fine with Peranakan food but having a similar menu for both lunch and dinner all on the same day seems abit too much.

After dinner, we crossed the street and turned the corner to this shop…

Little Nyonya Gift Shop

It sells a variety of local produce

A cuttlefish’s worst nightmare

There’s nothing Nyonya about this shop.

No salesgirls dressed in Kebaya, no Nyonya Kuehs, and no one singing Pantun.

It’s just one of the many shops selling local produce.

I’m getting pretty fed up because we’ve been taken nowhere the whole day except to places where the tour guide can earn his commission.

Where will we go next?

Malacca Trip Day One Part Four coming up!

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Malacca Trip Day One Part 2

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day One Part 1…)

So, after a satisfying lunch at Nyonya Manis Sayang, we proceed to check in our luggage at Bayview Hotel where we are going to spend the night. By then, it was already 2pm, half a day gone and we have not even started our tour!

A decent room for a night’s stay

The only complaint was the malfunctioning TV remote control and the lack of TV channels

After a short rest in our rooms, we gathered at the lobby awaiting for the first highlight of the day.

“Surely we can start our tour proper now?” I thought anxiously.

Boy, was I wrong…

We were brought to this shop which was a stone’s throw away from our hotel.

According to the tour guide, the shop owner possess a very special skill and not everyone is able to learn it. It seems, you must be ‘gifted’ to master it.

So, what formidable skills does Uncle actually have?

You may not believe it but he has the ability to improve your eyesight! Allow him to make a few pricks behind your ear and your short-sightedness/astigmatism would be gone – forever.

All he needs is a needle and RM5 per ear and you can bade farewell to your glasses...

Sounds incredible but there is no lack of customers queuing up to have their ears pricked. Other than the people from my group, there was actually another tour group before us.

Have you ever heard of this trade before?

I don’t see the logic behind it hence I didn’t go for it and while waiting for them to finish, I went round shooting the surroundings…

The ‘weathered’ door

The shop used to be a teahouse

Next door

I like old signboards because there’s a story behind everyone of them

When I was young, Mum told me businessmen in the past value their signboards very much because it represent ones’ reputation and credibility.

A corner inside Uncle’s courtyard

My grandparents used to have this food cabinet at the old house too!

Zinc roof in the courtyard

Mirror reflection

I overheard one of Uncle’s regular customer telling another that he ran into Mediacorp star Pan Ling Ling at the shop when he was here during his last visit.

Oh, did I mention in the previous post that I saw Jeanette Aw?

There she is – the last ‘jade girl’

The uncle is a fan of iWeekly!

There are stacks of it on the table to entertain us while we waited.

By then, I was getting quite fed up of waiting.

I don’t know about you but when I go traveling, I want to maximize every single minute to explore as much as I can and not wasting time doing nothing!

Where will I go next? Will I get to visit the Christ Church before it gets burned down?

Watch out for my Malacca Trip Day One Part 3!

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Pre Malacca Trip Thoughts

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The trip to Malacca has finally been confirmed!

Actually, this is a long overdue trip. I have been wanting to pay Malacca a visit when I first learnt about her history in school.

Here’s a little brief history behind the founding of Malacca.

When an uprising against his father-in-law (the ruler of the Majapahit Kingdom) failed, Parameswara, a Prince from Palembang escaped to Temasek.

At that time, Temasek was under Siam’s rule and Temagi, the Malay chief who has been appointed by the King of Siam to rule Temasek, took Parameswara in.

However, the ungrateful Parameswara had Temagi killed and he put himself on the throne instead.

Having angered two powerful Kingdoms, Parameswara had to face constant attacks from them.

Eventually, Parameswara and his followers had to flee again, this time to a fishing village, which was later to become what we now know as Malacca.

(The above was based entirely on memory from my history class 16 years ago so, do correct me if I’m wrong)

Other than Parameswara, there were other fascinating characters such as Admiral Cheng Ho, the Muslim eunuch famous for his voyages around the world. Then, there was also Princess Hang Li Po, who came all the way from China to enter a inter-racial marriage with Sultan Mansur Shah to foster diplomatic ties and of course, not forgetting Hang Tuah, the loyal Laksamana.

After Malacca was colonized by the Portugese, followed by the Dutch, then British, the multicultural influence left behind makes her all the more intriguing that I simply had to visit this place for myself! As a result, I have been asking endless questions about Malacca and also reading up tonnes of info like the must-see, must-do, and must-eats

Some people commented that I’m over-reacting because Malacca is only “like that” but, this is not just a sight-seeing trip to me.

It means a whole lot more than that.

History was my favorite subject in school and Malacca, being such a historical state, exudes that certain charm to me.

Hey, UNESCO didn’t awarded Malacca the status of “World Heritage Site” for nothing you know?

Furthermore, it was only a short two days getaway thus, it’s imperative that I do my “homework” so that I could plan in advance and not miss out on anything.

After all these years, I am finally going to see the ruins of St Peter’s Church, The Stadthuys, Christ Church and The Farmosa!

Wait for me, Malacca!

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The Trip

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It was a chilly Sunday morning.
Most people are still warmly curled-up in their beds at 5.45am but unknown to them, a small congregation had already gathered at a dark, secluded corner of the neighborhood. 

This particular group of people had come together because they shared one common goal, and nothing in the world – not even their comfy beds, could waver their loyalty to their beliefs. This group were fully prepared on this day, to invade the stores of Malaysia, and they vowed not to leave any shelves unraided during their shopping spree!

Thus, this very odd group of people set off on an incredible journey, on board a big, luxurious coach heading towards for the Tuas Checkpoint.

It was still dark outside the windows but after clearing the customs, the rising sun soon lit up the skies with a splendid shade of gold.  

What a magnificent sight to behold!

Our first stop was breakfast at Taman Perling, a popular haunt with many Singaporeans. This place serves a steady stream of hungry Singaporeans who arrives by the bus-loads every weekend. It’s a one-bus-leaves-another-bus-arrives kind of situation so you can guess how much business Singapore is bringing to this coffeeshop?

Actually, there’s really nothing out-of-this-world about the food here thus, it leaves me baffled, why are we brought here for breakfast time after time, whenever we came to Malaysia? Why can’t we have breakfast somewhere else? Why tour coaches like to bring their passengers here for breakfast right after leaving the customs?

Was this the nearest coffeeshop? Was this the only coffeeshop serving breakfast in Taman Perling? Was this Restoran Queen Park highly recommended by the Malaysian Tourism Board?

This is one big mystery I would like to unravel.

There wasn’t much of a crowd this particular Sunday. Were we there too early?
Or were
Singaporeans staying away because they can’t buy cooking oil anymore?

Back to breakfast, I can’t recall if this was the same legendary Amy Yip dai pau we used to relish on during our last visit. If it is, then it has shrunk from a impressive ‘D‘ to a ‘C‘ but still, it’s enough to share among three persons per pau.

Do not attempt to finish one Amy Yip dai pau all by yourself. By the time you struggled to push that last morsel down your throat, everything will be regurgitated out again…

Nope, I don’t really like dai paus… I find the smell of the marinade nauseating.

The Roti Canai was a little tough to tear (my fork bend 90°) but it wasn’t too bad. The sauce tastes somewhat different from what we have in Singapore though it’s also mutton curry. I’ve been here for so many times, but it was still my first time trying out Roti Canai.

Perhaps it’s the novelty that’s blinding my judgment but
I find this quite a refreshing change from our usual
Roti Prata.

After breakfast, we set off merrily for Yong Ping to this shop selling local products.

When we reached there, what greeted us from inside the shop stopped me in my tracks! The shop was already swarming with other customers and it was like a riot scene I thought I would only get to see on CNN news!

Undaunted in the face of danger, the Ah Mas from my group who needed help to descend from the coach earlier have miraculously transformed into rugby players as they elbowed their way in without any help needed at all!

I took a step inside but couldn’t help but noticed the photographs of Christopher Lee and Bernard Tan gracing the wall near the cashiers. The shop space was actually quite spacious yet it wasn’t quite adequate to accommodate all these people.

The customers were practically sweeping the shelves clean as if they are stocking up for an imminent war!

From Wifes’ Biscuits to Pong Piah, this shop have practically all Made-in-Malaysia foodstuffs right here under one roof. Even the variety of 3-in-1 coffee available will have you spoilt for choice!

From the usual Less-sugar Coffee, the shelves were piled high with Green Tea Coffee, Ginseng Coffee and even Tongkat Ali Coffee which I believe does more than just keeping you awake at night!

‘Genuining’ recipe?

The promoters were really friendly and eager to introduce their products to us. Food samplings were also readily available for us to try out. After putting up a very good fight with the other group of customers (whom we later found out were also Singaporeans), we emerged victoriously with bagfuls of titbits and piahs. *pats ourselves on the shoulder*

Exhausted, we continued our itinerary which was lunch at Muar.

During the journey, we were treated to low-crass entertainment of the Mao Mao Song and hum sup jokes on the VCD. I couldn’t bear to further corrupt my mind which was pure-as-ice and white-as-snow hence, I took pictures of the scenery outside the windows instead…

Sound from the VCD: (。。。下面是什么毛?)

Sound from the VCD: (。。。男的叫鸟毛。。。)

Sound from the VCD: (。。。女的叫鸟窝毛。。。)

After a tremulous journey, we finally reached the sleepy town of Muar, which was approximately 179 kilometres from Johor Bahru. Despite it being a Sunday, there wasn’t much people in the streets.

Not many people in sight…

No one…

Where have everyone gone to?

Anyway, this is where we had our lunch to replenish the energy lost from the shopping earlier. Lunch was delicious and there was even herbal soup!

Lunch at Restoran Sin Kee Ting.

After lunch, we went to this temple called 善才庙 (or something like that) which was behind 善才学校. I wasn’t feeling too excited about visiting this seclusive temple but the triple scoop ice-cream sold outside the temple is hard to resist.

Despite having a very filling lunch earlier, there is always room for ice-cream! At RM1.50, this is a must-have whenever I visited Muar. After I had finished my ice-cream, I realized that my change of RM3 has dropped out through the hole in my pocket. I thought that was my due punishment for not remembering the temple’s name (despite having been here for Nth times) and I wasn’t expecting to find it back when I retraced my steps but behold, lying there in a crumpled mess half buried in sand was my RM3 – dirty and unwanted!
I picked up the money with trembling hands and as I dusted the sand away, I glanced towards the direction of the temple gates with nothing but gratitude in my eyes. baa60776

Did the 善才God just 显灵 by letting me reunite with my RM3??

My ice-cream didn’t melt as fast as the previous time when I was here.
Is this an indication that the earth is getting warmer?

After leaving Muar, we set off for a little more shopping at the new Batu Pahat Mall. Throughout the day, we’ve been traveling on the roads and I see nothing but plantations or small sleepy towns with not many people in the streets yet, the moment I walked through the sliding doors, I see people, and lots of them too!

This place is a striking contrast to what I’ve encountered all day! You know? Sleepy town and yawning shopkeepers versus the mall with young people. It’s almost like I’m back in civilization!

With only an hour to shop before dinner, there wasn’t much we could buy. We boarded the coach and headed to Kulai for our last meal of the day.

Dinner at Restoran Guo Tai 88

As night time beckons, the weary shoppers boarded the coach for our final trip home. Fortunately, traffic was smooth on the highway and there wasn’t any jams at the customs. We got cleared pretty fast too and were soon back in home ground feeling very tired but satisfied and proud of our buys