who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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Last week, I took part in this contest and two days ago, I received a call from MediaCorp.

I’ve won five complimentary tickets to watch the Spongebob Squarepants LIVE!

So, I made a trip down to MediaCorp TV Reception to collect the tickets.

Come tonight, I’m going to lie down on five chairs watching the Sponge fly!!

How are I gonna do that?


Jack & The Beansprout was good

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I got panoramic view overlooking the whole stage at the circle seat on the third floor.  My only grouse was the two Mic Studio people seating behind me who talked rather loudly. The couple beside me keeps turning around to look at them and it was so embarrassing for me to be associated with them as Bishan students!

They themselves are involved in the theatre/drama works so should be familiar with the basic etiquette of watching a musical.  This is NOT a private screening for them so all the more they should be discreet of their behavior.

Anyway, Jack & The Beansprout was really good!  I would say it is wickedly funny and Ivan Heng definitely lived up to his reputation as the rubber-faced Jim Carrey of the local theatre scene. 

His sibey heow (coquettish) rendition as Widow Neo was hilarious as he juggled between three jobs as a junk mail distributor, Tiger Beer auntie and MLM sales representative just to send her good-for-nothing school-dropout son, Jack (Sebastian Tan) back to school and to pay off her debts with tua hiiiia (Big Brother), the loan shark from Batu Pahat.

When tua hiiiia comes aknocking, Widow Neo was left with no other options but to make Jack sell off the bilingual family pooch, Ah Cow.  When Jack returned with a bagful of Dream (Green) Beans instead of money, he was embroiled in an ginormous (mis)adventure involving a giant taugeh which reaches into the clouds, Bamboo, the Housekeeper, a snoring Giant who wears CROCS shoes, a Singing Harp (touch meeee!) and a Goose that lays Salted Eggs, Century Eggs, Easter Eggs and Golden Eggs.

Come join the rest of the kaypoh neighborhood as Jack and Widow Neo rediscovers the true meaning of happiness, kinship and of course, love and acceptance.

Here’s Widow Neo and her neighbours galloping away on the iGallop.

The finale.

I especially like this line from one of the song when Jack was asked to kiss Bamboo to prove his love:

“wah lau! wah kau! wah piang! like that call love meh?”


Jack and the Beansprout

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home_jack (270 x 561)

Opens 29 Nov 2006

Drama Centre Theatre
@ National Library, Level 3

W!LD RICE proudly presents Jack & the Beansprout!, a brand new musical-comedy-pantomime about dreams, a mother’s love, Giants, honesty, greed and the perils of keeping up with the Tans, Dawoods and Sallehs.

Life’s a drag for Jack and his poor mother Widow Neo – the cupboard is bare, there are bills to pay and the loan sharks are circling. With the writing literally on the void-deck walls, they finally resort to selling Ah Kow, their beloved pet cow. But when Jack exchanges their pet for a mere handful of green beans instead of cold hard cash, disaster looms.

That is until a giant bean sprout 20,000 times the size of the kind you fry with salted fish – springs up in their HDB estate! It reaches high up beyond the clouds, to where a man-eating Giant is rumoured to live! With nothing left to lose but everything to gain, Jack climbs up. But what awaits him up there? Treasure? True love? Or the inside of a microwave oven?

Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan and the irrepressible Ivan Heng, lead a star-studded cast in this hilarious and heart-warming year-end extravaganza for all the family!

Bursting with side-splitting gags and rowdy audience participation, JACK is written by award-winning playwright Desmond Sim (Autumn Tom Yam), directed by Jonathan Lim (Oi! Sleeping Beauty!!, Chestnuts). There’ll be catchy songs by Elaine Chan (Dim Sum Dollies), and musical arrangements by Bang Wenfu (Oi! Sleeping Beauty!!), and snazzy choreography by Erich Edralin.

With a fabulous set by Tan Ju Meng, jaw-droppingly magical puppets designed by Tan Beng Tian of The Finger Players, outrageous costumes and wigs by Moe Kassim & Ashley Lim, and fancy footwork by Erich Edralin, Jack & the Beansprout! will catapult you onto cloud nine this holiday season and have you laughing well into the New Year!

Don’t even dream of missing it!

I have always loved Musicals and I’ll be watching Jack & the Beansprout! this coming December.  I’ve always been wanting to catch Ivan Heng ‘LIVE’ in action after his brief appearance in The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis

He is such a talented artiste and I’ll be looking forward to his performance!

phua chu kang

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This entry is for yesterday:

Okie, PCK was funny but the plot is rather disappointing.? More than half of the show is about Chu Kang lamenting about his family forgetting about his 40th birthday and the climax of the show (the part about Frankie Foo cheating his business and properties) ends so abruptly in such a short time.

I felt the whole cast are not given the opportunity to develop their full potential.? Except for Chu Kang, Frankie Foo and Margaret who gets to sing solo, the rest of the Phua family had to share and sing the same songs.? I’m sure King Kong and Ah Boon can also make the audience laugh in their own special way?

There’s a lot of dancing (or should I say prancing?) and singing and I must admit that Gurmit has a flair for singing.? I like the part where Margaret sings about taking charge of Chu Kang‘s birthday when suddenly King Kong and Ah Boon jumps out from nowhere dressed in tutus and starts jumping around like elephants!?

There’s even a sleazy nightclub singer singing Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia (Must fight then can win).? It was simply hilarious!? My seat is at the extreme side and I can only see half of the stage because from where I was seating, my view was obscured by the decorations.?

I was looking all over the place for the ‘live’ orchestra (as mentioned in the promotional leaflet) and I felt so cheated when couldn’t find them!? It was only until the end of the musical that I saw them at the very top of the stage!

phua chu kang

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I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s PCK Musical!! Tomorrow’s show is a private show for PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Charity Show.

But I not PAP leh, will they let me enter?  Perhaps I should wear white shirt and white pants and hold PAP banners screaming I love Kuan Yew & Hsien Loong“?

*Scratch head*

Will be posting piccies.  Check back tomorrow, please?


Dun prray prray, ah!