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The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Eighth Day

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How time flies!

It’s Sunday already and the parents are coming back at the 5am flight tomorrow morning!

Last night, I was still busy cleaning the gas cooker and kitchen hood while trying to wipe off the thick grime with Jif until 2am. Then this morning, I continued where I left off and began wiping the kitchen top, cabinets and wall tiles too.

I’ve lost count the number of times I climbed up and down the stool to rinse the rag and wipe the walls but my bones are falling apart already. The skin on my hands are now wrinkled and it stings a little due to the long contact with Jif but it sure is a very efficient cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn stains! After cleaning the kitchen, I vacuumed and mopped the entire house too.

Now that the kitchen is done with, and all the window sills in the house have already been wiped and curtains changed in the previous’ weeks, there is literally no heavy chores left for my mum to do! I can proudly say that Spring Cleaning is completed for my house already.

We can just sit back, relax and wait for the Lunar New Year to arrive.

After all that hard work, I’m famished as I still haven’t taken my breakfast nor lunch yet. I’m now having a little craving for Spaghetti but I’m too lazy to cut and chop so I guess I’ll buy the ready made sauce and cook.

I think I’ll watch AVP (Alien VS Predator) while having my dinner tonight.



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I’m not out visiting relatives.

I absolutely abhor visiting relatives!! So boring, I’ll definitely end up?watching TV?the moment I?step into the house?till I leave the house!

I have to pretend to be very engrossed in the?TV program and praying hard that they will forget about my existence and not ask me any stupid questions.

They will keep asking the same things over and over and over again I think they can compile the questions into a 10-year series already.

And that giam-siap cousin of mine every year only give $2 ang pow. Wa lau, she?not embarrass?to give I also?embarrass to take…

My mum always give her children at least $6 but she only gives us $2!! sibey ngeow… *buay tahanz*

This year, I am going to pretend to be sick. VERY SICK. Anyway, I really am sick what? *Cough Cough* I still have MC leh.

Oh ya, and the Swordtails gave birth le. More ABUNDANCE this year??



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painting for the new year

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My dad has been painting the house for the past two days in preparation for the Chinese New Year and its such hard work! The ceiling has been smoked yellow by the incense burning and years of neglect that the old paint is peeling off…

I on the other hand didn’t help around much except wipe the cabinets and walls in the kitchen of oil, grime and dirt. My arms ended up very tired and sore…

My brother bought a DVD player and I watched LOTR (The Fellowship Of The Ring) till 1.20am.

Awesome scenery! 


my 2004 wish

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Its 2004!

Happy New Year SINGAPORE!

I wished to have World Peace, no more SARS, everyone around me to be happy and healthy!

For me, I’ll be a bit more greedy, I hope to have a good job and a bright future!

Oh yes, and I hope all homeless pets will find a home they can call their own!!!