Alice In Wonderland

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Being a fan of Tim Burton, there is no reason for me to skip his latest collaboration with Disney.

Google-ing results reveal that this movie will not be a straight adaptation of the original novel written by Lewis Carroll.

Instead, this will be Alice’s second visit to the Wonderland, who, as the years gone by, has completely forgotten about her previous encounter down the rabbit hole 10 years ago.

And Alice’s return raises some hope for the inhabitants of Wonderland because this time, she have to free her friends from the evil reign of The Red Queen!

Which character do I like best?

Do I still have to spell it out?

It has got to be the Cheshire Cat!

When I read the book years ago, I was intrigued by that strange cat with the big eyes. Grinning from ear-to-ear, this cat has the ability to appear and disappear at whim. Sometimes, the body would disappear, leaving the head visible while at times, the whole cat would disappear, leaving only a grin behind in mid-air.

Whenever people mention “Alice in Wonderland”, the character that first comes to mind is not Alice, but the Cheshire Cat. This is how deep the impression the Cheshire Cat has on me.

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To The Nuffnangers Who Nanged Me

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I’m back from Malacca!

Give me some time to organize the photos before I blog about my Malacca trip.

Foremost, here is a little appreciation to the Nuffnangers who nanged me last week!

Check the list below!

While doing this post, something confused me.

Why is that when a Nuffnager nanged my post, he/she did not appear under the “Analytics”?

Also, my “10 Most Recent Innit Posts” have not been appearing for the past few days so I’m unable to check who’s been nanging me.

*I hope I have not missed out on anyone. If I do, please let me know…

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To The Nuffnangers Who Came This Way!

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It’s the first day of 2010 and what better way to begin it by thanking the following Nuffnangers who has Nanged me for the last two days of 2009!

Are you one of them?

Please click on their individual profile to visit their blogs!

I shall be doing this on a regular basis to show my appreciation to all Nuffnangers who took the trouble to NANGed my humble blog.

May your year be as exciting as a fireworks factory on fire!


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