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Lily: A Hero For Mill Dogs

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I was browsing through youtube for more videos about puppy mills when I stumbled across this video about Lily, a Italian Greyhound who was rescued from the puppy mill.

Just like any other puppy mill dogs, Lily had a tragic story of her own to tell, one so filled with despair that it has left her in shambles. What brought me to tears was what Lily‘s rescuer, Theresa, had to say to Lily‘s breeder.

Read the letter here.

Jussie’s Holiday Wish

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Hi, I’m Jussie. That’s short for Justice. I got my name because when I was tiny I was put in a ratty old cage at a puppymill in Pennsylvania. There were almost 600 other dogs at that prison. They put a chain around my neck. As I grew the chain grew into my neck – into my skin, the muscle and the veins – Yikes! It was awful. I was in constant pain. I was really lucky though because I got rescued from that hell. I had to go to a doctor and have surgery – it took four hours of surgery and 72 stitches to take the damn chain out of my neck.


I was up for adoption but no one wanted to adopt me because I BITE. If you had been through what I went through, you would bite too. So I stayed with the woman who rescued me and she’s my mom. I LOVE my life now. I am the designated toy murderer and am very talented at my job. I eat as much as I can – stealing from my brothers and sisters whenever they turn their heads even for an instant. I sleep on soft beds with wonderful covers. I vividly remember what it was like to freeze in the rickety barn. Now I love to lie in front of the furnace vent – the hot spot! Aaaaah!!! I have five brothers and sisters who I love so much. I show them how much by stealing their toys and their food and making sure I get in the middle of their attention.


There are over 400,000 dogs across this country who are suffering just the way I suffered. They never get out of that stinking cage. They never get to play with a toy – EVER. They never get to sleep in a soft bed – they sleep on wires. Really. Can you imagine that? They don’t get a blanket or a mat or anything. They sleep on wire and it’s so cold. I heard on the tv about the recent storm in Missouri where the electricity was out for a couple of weeks. The people were freezing. They had to leave their homes. The dogs suffer in that cold all winter, every winter.

It gets really really cold in the winter – so cold it hurts. I curled up with the others dogs and cried myself to sleep. Sometimes it was just too cold to even go to sleep. And the food – yucks! No one ever loved me. I was sad, lonely, scared, bored, and cold. What kind of country is this that allows 400,000 dogs to suffer like that?

I’m beautiful, brilliant, funny and loving. I never did anything to deserve to suffer the way I did. The dogs still in prison didn’t do anything to deserve to be there either. So here is my wish.

I want all of the dogs free from prison. It’s that simple. Free the dogs.

What you can do? NEVER BUY A DOG IN A PET STORE. Spread the word.

View this video here.