Neglected Dog Needs Help

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Well, to cut long story short, a puppy was adopted three years ago when it was only four weeks old. Unfortunately, this dog has been banished to the balcony and neglected for the past one year. Adopter now wants to put the dog to sleep because the family has gotten a new dog.

Name: Freud
Breed: Black Mongrel
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male/Unsterilized

You can learn more about Freud, and the details of the callous owner in this thread. (Rehomers Alert!)

If you can help with the medical and boarding fees or better still, adopt Freud, please contact Jo at 81131370.

If you can’t offer monetary help, at least help to spread the word please. No effort is too great or small!

Bloggers Unite: Blogging about ABUSE!

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I was told of this event happening on the blogosphere where I could join thousands of other like-minded bloggers worldwide to blog about the same topic ‘Abuse’ on this day so here is what I have to share.

To me, abuse comes in many forms. There are spousal abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse and even emotional abuse however, what I am going to touch on today is on animal abuse.

Being an avid animal lover, it breaks my heart to see animals being treated shabbily or kept in undesirable conditions.

Animals, especially dogs are dear to my heart and I’m infuriated whenever I read about them dying mysteriously from the newspapers (whether tied to bricks and drowned in the river or thrown off buildings or even mutilated with certain body parts missing!)

Some people may think that to abuse an animal is to inflict physical pain upon them but little do they know that by subjecting them to mental stress and fear also constitute to abuse. 

Your neighbor across the street who ties his dog in the garden under the hot, scorching sun with no access to shade or water is committing an act of abuse. Your friend who did not feed his pet regularly or even denying them from proper medical attention when they are sick is also a form of abuse.

That said, my greatest worry is the plight of the puppymill dogs. I’m not going into details but you can simply google for ‘puppymills’ to find out the gory truths behind it.

Female dogs were bred continuously litter after litter with no rest in between births. Puppies are then taken from their mother at an early age and put up for sale because that is when they are at their cutest and able to attract impulse buyers.

Leaving mum too early, these puppies do not get the nutrients from mum’s milk and they grew up feeling weak and sickly and they often end up dead in their new homes, much to the bewilderment of their owners. 

Females that are too old or too sickly to breed are thrown away or killed mercilessly to minimize operational costs.

One might think that puppymill operators are the ones who abused these dogs but the puppy-buyers are also indirectly playing a part in abusing these puppymill dogs!

Like what Jacky Chan has said on Animal Planet years ago, ¡°No Demand; No Supply!¡± If there’s no demand for such puppies, puppymills will have no reason to churn out more sickly puppies. I’m sure the very smart puppymill operators will know that it is not profitable to breed more puppies because nobody wants them! 

Eventually, puppymills will run out of business and when the puppymill operators realise that there is no profit to be made, they will shut down their business and the dogs will no longer have to suffer!

Of course, this is just wishful thinking on my part but if everyone could unite and put a stop to this, it might not be a unachievable dream after all! 

Thus, be an informed pet owner and do not support puppymills! Buy your pet from a ethical breeder who raises his dogs in a proper environment or better still, adopt a homeless one from your local shelter instead!

Next, the inability to care for a pet adequately is cruel and another form of abuse by itself.

Someone from the forum once asked, ¡°What are the fishes that don’t need air?¡± I almost fell off the chair when I heard that! All living things NEED air to breathe in order to survive!

I believe he meant to ask what are the kind of fishes that doesn’t need the aeration from an air pump to survive hence, I recommended to him the labyrinth fishes like the Bettas and the Gouramis which could take in air directly from above the water surface.

This person may sound ignorant but hey, at least he’s learning.  He actually bothered to find out what are the fishes that he could keep before he goes to the nearest aquarium to buy them. On the contrary, how many people out there even bother to find out the proper care of a pet before bringing one home?

Then, the poor fish starts getting sick from improper care and ends up dead.  God knows how many fishes the owner have to flush down the toilet bowl before he realize what went wrong?

Sad, isn’t it?

I wish to share another incident that I’ve encountered many years ago.

There was once when I heard a commotion outside my window and when I took a look, I saw two children pelting a sleeping cat with pebbles. The cat simply ignored them and went back to sleep but that did not deter them at all.

When they had run out of ‘ammunition’, one of the child boldly walk up to the cat and attempted to kick it while the other one is cheering him on.

At that instant, I yelled at them and waved the phone in my hands indicating that I’m calling the police if they tried to harm the cat again.

All this while, their mothers were chatting heartily nearby, oblivious to the atrocities of their children.

The mothers simply turn a blind eye and continued their gossiping. Not one of them even bothered to reproach her child for what they had done earlier. They had seen nothing wrong with their children bullying a cat!

What morale values are this two mothers implanting in the minds of their children? I have read somewhere that serial killers first started out bullying animals when they were young. I do not know if this is true but I do hope that this two kids do not grow up into hardcore criminals!

I have always believed that education is the key to instill the correct mindset to the children at a young age and parents played an important role in implementing it.  There is no point pushing the responsibility to the school because a teacher can only do so much.  It is still up to the parents to ‘enforce’ the correct behavior in their children because afterall, they are the ones who spent the most time together.

Ever heard of the phrase, “Monkey see, Monkey do?”

Children are often the reflection of their parents hence, it is important for education to start from home.

A child who is taught to respect all life forms since young will grow up to be a compassionate and righteous person.

The one about irresponsible pet owners with unrealistic expectations

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I wonder why do people buy pets impulsively without fully understanding what they are getting into despite the availability of information on the Internet? You often see these people desperately knocking doors for help on the forums when their newly acquired pet starts showing signs of distress a few days later.

In most cases, it’s appalling to know that their puppies are under three months old! Puppies should ideally stay with their mothers for at least three months because they are fully weaned around that age. Besides, staying around mum and their littermates during the early stages is vital for their future developments. The puppies learn important socializing skills from one another and behavior corrections from their mum through daily interaction.

Sadly, in the economic world, puppies are removed from their mum and put up for sale as early as four weeks of age. Puppies sold off too young are vulnerable to diseases and usually grow up into nervous adults with behavioral problems.

Information like these are not hard to find if pet owners were willing to do their homework! Sometimes, I’m amused by what prospective adopters wrote in the adoption section of pet forums.

I want to adopt a puppy. Preferably free, purebred, female, comes complete with accessories and must be near to where I stay (so that I don’t have to travel too far to collect it)

Adoption is a great way to help shelter animals but it shouldn’t be seen as a cheaper alternative of getting a pet. No one would give away a pedigree puppy for free unless with strings attached.

My family wants to adopt a puppy. We have a maid to ensure that the puppy will be adequately cared for…

Whose pet is it going to be? The maid? Why get a pet if they are not prepared to care for it? At the end of the day, the poor maid end up having to do the dirty job after they are done with playing with the dog!

Pets are living creatures with emotions like us. They have the ability to feel pain, hunger, sadness and even happiness like us! They are not toys with on/off switches and cannot be chucked in the store room when they have gotten tired of it. Pets are a lifetime of commitment and should not be bought on a whim!

My advice for would-be pet owners is to take the time to read up more on the characteristics of the pet that they are interested in, making sure that they are fully aware of the commitment involved and the responsibilities they are getting themselves into before.

Adoption is the kindest thing a pet lover can do. By adopting, you saved TWO lives – the one you took home and the next one that took its place at the shelter.

Know this: one shelter dog dies for every puppy sold.






abandoned hamster

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Some sicko has abandoned a dwarf hamster at the staircase landing.  It looks like a Albino Campbell to me.  Poor hammy has a bald patch on one side of the body and it’s not difficult to guess why because there’s a piece of buttered cracker inside the cage! 

What sorts of rubbish have they been feeding the poor little tyke??  And it’s not even a proper cage!  The base is not even deep enough to contain bedding.  The poor hamster only had a piece of toilet paper for comfort!

I feel so sorry for the little hamster but my parents wouldn’t let me bring him home.  They say that he looks diseased.  Period.

My father knew that I would surely sneak back to bring the hammy home and hide it somewhere in my room so he ordered my mum to march me straight home while he brought the hammy to the void deck, hoping other people would pick it up.

But my father is no simpleton.  He makes sure he left the hamster somewhere I couldn’t find and he wouldn’t reveal where he left him.  My father really took great pains to make sure that I stay away from the hammy!

I really don’t know what to say about these idiots who goes round dumping the poor animals.  Didn’t they know that having a pet is a big RESPONSIBILITY of a LIFETIME?  The hamster is now paying for his owner’s deadly sins with HIS life through no fault of his!!

This reminds me of the SPCA slogan:

What you pay with your money; the pet paid with its life!

I curse the owners to suffer the same fate through the law of cause and effect.