Link Up For Qishan Abused Dogs

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I came across this upsetting plea for help from a Taiwan dog welfare group known as the Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association (KCSAA). 

They are running out of food supplies and resources therefore sending out this plea for help.

You can help by linking up to this project (via your Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Blog), and *HILLS will help feed the dogs.

*HILLS is the company that brings you Science Diet

Their goal is to reach 10, 000 links.

It doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to spread the word so start linking today!

The actual website is in chinese so I’ll try my best to translate the following…

Dog carcass discarded in the drain


On the10 July 1998, KCSAA in Kaoshiung, Taiwan
rescued hundreds of abused dogs from a puppymill farm. Breeds that aren’t profitable had their food supply cut off and left to die of
starvation. Carcasses of the smaller breeds would be thrown into the drains while larger
breeds would be left to decompose at one corner.

A dead dog giving off an offensive stench

Most dogs don’t even get to eat leftovers like this

Why is there ‘cotton’ in the cage? A closer look reveals the fur left behind after the carcass decomposed…


Corgis, German Shepherd and Terriers all squeezed together.

See Original Text (Doggies’ Hell. Tortured to death)


Currently, the dogs have regained freedom after a rescue operation. Some 30% of these dogs suffer from ailments and the hefty medical bills and costs of feeding has rendered KCSAA breathless. The dogs are running out of food supplies and unable to receive medical treatment soon. Let’s not forsake these dogs and let’s spread the news by words of mouth Blog/Twitter/Facebook/Plurk.

Pixnet is coming up with this “10, 000 links, 10, 000 kibbles” project. HILLS will donate a dollar worth of kibbles for every link to this project. Help send the resources, life-saving food and nutrition, donations, etc with a click of your mouse.

Click me to link


Your help could be a glimmer of hope for the dogs. Please help these poor lives! Whether it’s material comforts or monetary donations, don’t belittle your strength however small it is because a sea is made up of many drops of water!


What KCSAA needs at the moment:

1. Nutrition, Vitamins
2. Raising of kibbles and canned food
3. Adoption or fostering
4. Raising funds for sterilisation and medical bills
5. Your help to spread the word around so more people can help

Official blog:
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Lily: A Hero For Mill Dogs

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I was browsing through youtube for more videos about puppy mills when I stumbled across this video about Lily, a Italian Greyhound who was rescued from the puppy mill.

Just like any other puppy mill dogs, Lily had a tragic story of her own to tell, one so filled with despair that it has left her in shambles. What brought me to tears was what Lily‘s rescuer, Theresa, had to say to Lily‘s breeder.

Read the letter here.

A Rant About PLC

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Since last year, I’ve been contemplating whether to start keeping Hamsters again? I’ve already gotten a cage ready with all the accessories and all I lack now is an occupant.

What should I keep?

Roborovskiis? Syrian? Or Dwarf?

I started out looking around in forums seeking adoptions but it seems everyone who had a hamster to give all stayed so far away from me and they stayed at either Bedok Reservoir or Macpherson. My next available option (only as a last resort) would be buying from the petshops and the one nearest to me is PLC.

However, I’m still nursing a grudge against them for the bad service attitude so no way am I going to give them any business.

I’ve come to realise that what I’ve learnt from my retail course was indeed very useful. Now I know the rationale behind my reactions for every service lapse which I’ve encountered.

“A loyal customer tends to be more forgiving if a service breakdown occurs.”

In my case, I am unforgiving because I do not feel being respected nor am I being treated like a valued customer. If you were to be in my shoes, how would you have reacted when the salesperson threw a shopping basket at you, which landed beside your feet with a thud – not once but twice?

Mind you he’s not passing me the shopping basket for me to put my purchases in but he’s collecting the empty baskets that’s lying around the shop and stacking them together. And I was standing right beside the spot where the shopping baskets should have been. 

The salesperson was only less than ten steps away from me, so couldn’t he have walked over to put down the shopping baskets instead of throwing them which nearly hit me?

All customers have certain expectations and these expectations could have come from a previous experience or from a competitor in a similar business. It is human nature for a customer to make comparisons and if he did not receive the kind of service that he is expecting, he might just patronise the competitor next door instead.

Why should a customer buy from Shop A when he could get the same thing from Shop B which could provide a better service? The customer has got nothing to lose but Shop A, on the other hand, lose both its’ business and customer.

Nowadays, if we want to survive as a salesperson, simply having product knowledge is not enough. We may be able to meet a customers’ physical need (for a product), but if we’re unable to satisfy their emotional demands (eg, the need to feel important), then we would have failed on our part as a salesperson.

In other words, what made a salesperson stands out from the others lies in his willingness to walk The Extra Mile.”

How far is the salesperson willing to go for the customer? For example, instead of informing a customer outright that you have run out of stocks, offer to call up the other branches for stock availability. Even simple things like remembering a customers’ name, his preference for a certain color or design could delight the customer in coming back for more.

And this actually brings us back to an earlier point which I’ve pointed out: A customer who keeps coming back is a loyal customer and a loyal customer tends to be more forgiving when a service breakdown occurs.

In my case, I felt the saleperson was out to embarras me and I don’t feel welcomed hence, I returned all the items back onto the shelves and I left the shop without making any purchases.

A word of advice for PLC: It’s not enough just teaching your staffs product knowledge and how to operate the cash register. It’s high time you send your staffs for courses on how to become a better salesperson.

Prisoners of Greed: Puppymill Misery

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Allow me to introduce, the parents of the puppies in the petstore.

pm0013pm001pm004pm003pm0014Do you seriously think dogs
that are kept in such horrific conditions, could actually produce healthy puppies?

Dinah lost almost all her teeth to decay so her teeth hung out all the time.
Her ear was eaten off by a cagemate and her leg was disjointed from having been caught in the wires.


‘s teeth were so rotten that his gums abscessed and infection spread up his face.


Conventry died after her jaw was broken when she was debarked –
probably by ramming a metal pipe down her throat to rupture her vocal cords.


‘s jaw was broken when she was debarked. A typical way
of debarking was by ramming a metal pipe down their throat to rupture their vocal cords.


lost most of his teeth to decay, his leg has been broken and
not set, he was suffering from congestive heart failure at only six
years old. He had been debarked.


Ariel was rescued from a kennel in Kansas where she had been
going round and round in the cage for hours. She was so
traumatized that it took two years before she could go outside
without a towel on her head.

And this is their living quarters, where they stay condemed for the rest of their life, never once had the opportunity to step on solid ground or roll in the grass…

Squeezed into tight enclosures with hardly any space to move around.


Cooped up like chickens…

“Your puppy may be living in heaven (with you), but his parents are living in hell (at the puppymill).

By buying that puppy in the petshop, you are sentencing your puppy’s parents to a

lifetime imprisonment for a crime they didn’t commit.”

Do you seriously think that dogs under such living conditions would produce healthy puppies? You may think that this only happened overseas and not in Singapore but think again. These are where all the so-called ‘imported’ puppies came from.


Puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. The puppies are sold either directly to the public via the Internet, newspaper ads, at the mill itself, or are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country. Puppy mills have long concerned The Humane Society of the United States.

The documented problems of puppy mills include overbreeding, inbreeding, minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of socialization with humans, overcrowded cages, and the killing of unwanted animals. To the unwitting consumer, this situation frequently means buying a puppy facing an array of immediate veterinary problems or harboring genetically borne diseases that do not appear until years later. In 1994, Time magazine estimated that as many as 25% of purebred dogs were afflicted with serious genetic problems.

Sadly, some dogs are forced to live in puppy mills for their entire lives. They are kept there for one reason only: to produce more puppies. Repeatedly bred, many of these “brood bitches” are killed once their reproductive capacity wanes.

Watch this VIDEO

The dogs have been debarked and have no more voice. We got to speak up for them as we are their only hope! We can sit here and whine all day about how pitiful they are but nothing is going to change if we do not put it into actions. Let’s help them with OUR actions by spreading the word around.

Look into their eyes, especially Ariel‘s. Can you see her FEAR? Can you feel her HELPLESSNESS? Will she, and the other dogs like her lived to see another day? Will they ever get the chance to romp in the grass? Chase after butterflies? Or even have a warm hug?

To help them or not, it’s in YOUR hands. Don’t wait for the others to take the lead! Let it start with you!

You HAVE the power to do something. NOW.

When the buying stop, the breeding will stop too.

Source: Prisoners of Greed, HSUS

Puppy Mills: Prisoners of Greed

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What on earth is a Puppy Mill?

It is a place where thousands and thousands of puppies are churned out yearly, to satisfy the demands of the pet industry. These puppies are being exploited to make profitable gains for the puppy mill operators.

From a businessman point of view, this seems the natural thing to do. After all, is it not the aim of all businessmen, to make the most profit using the least capital? But, allow me to tell you what is wrong:

Most of these Puppy Mills operators kept their dogs in small wire cages, stacked on top of one another. Feces from the top would rain upon the unfortunate ones staying beneath.  Wire-based flooring are unkind to their feet and may cut into their paw pads, leaving them with raw and open sores which often goes untreated (which may later develop into abscess).

Those lucky enough to live in a larger cage may have to face the problem of overcrowding and frankly speaking, a large number of dogs staying together in such close proximity and in such deplorable cum unsanitary living conditions is a recipe for disaster!
Diseases such as kennel cough and distemper could spread rapidly and wipe out the entire dog population in the Puppy Mill!

Another cause for concern was, female dogs are being bred repeatively litters after litters. While a female dog is busy nursing her puppies, she could be pregnant with another litter on the way!
Do understand that giving birth is a exhausting process and very draining to their body constitution. Without a rest in between litters to regain her health, the female dog becomes weak, and could not produce enough milk for her puppies.

Mother’s milk contained colostrums, which is essential to the puppies’ well-being. However, puppies are often forcedly taken away to be sold at a very young age and mortality rate is very high for puppies that are not properly weaned. The recommended age for a puppy to leave his mother is at 3 months old.

Horror stories of puppies dying within a few weeks after purchase are not unheard of. Just ask around!

Occasionally, humanitarian groups do conduct raids and rescued dogs are either put up for adoption, or those deem unsuitable for rehoming due to illnesses or diseases are slated to be euthanised to put them out of their misery.

Imagine being cooped up in a small cage all your life! The trauma and stress that they went through is unthinkable! Who could then blame these dogs for having behavioral and temperament problems?

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT SUPPORT PUPPY MILLS! The health of these dogs is of no concern to the Puppy Mill operators as all they care about are the profits gained from selling the weak and sickly puppies!

To them, dogs are only a commodity – something that is easily replaceable. Puppy Mill dogs do not receive any loving hugs or pats on the head. Puppy Mill dogs do not receive any LOVE.

As you can see, a Puppy Mill is NOT the best place to get a puppy.

Then where else can you get a dog??

Most people’s next logical answer would be Pet Stores.

Have you ever asked yourself this: Where did the puppies from the Pet Stores come from? (Please scroll to the top of this entry and read again)

There could be two scenarios:

A) You step into a neat and tidy looking pet store. Their puppy is alert and inquisitive and stays in a clean enclosure with water and ample toys to play with. The adorable-looking fur ball stands on his legs, pawing against the enclosure, as if beckoning you to bring him home. The sales person is patient and knowledgeable and answers your queries with confidence.

B) You step into a dark and smelly pet store. The puppy is living in filth as he steps and rolls over his own feces, which are not cleared promptly. The water bowl is overturned and the puppy has got its leg caught in between the bars of the playpen. The girl behind the counter is on the phone, presumably talking to her boyfriend and filing her nails.
Your call of concern for the puppy falls on deaf ears.

What do you do in both scenarios, supposing that you have the resources and ability to take care of the puppy?

For Scenario A, your heart melts at the sight of that boisterous puppy. It was love at first sight and you see no reason NOT to bring him home. It must have been fate that brought the two of you together.

For Scenario B, your heart goes out to the poor puppy and you felt so sorry for him. You threw the money into the salesgirl’s face and rescue the puppy home where he lives happily ever after?

If you choose to buy that oh-so-cute puppy from the pet shop, you are actually creating a demand for these puppies. The Puppy Mill trade will continue to flourish and the dogs at the Puppy Mills will continue to live out their miserable lives inside that filthy cage.

And by choosing to rescue that oh-so-poor-thing puppy from the pet shop, you are NOT salvaging the situation. Another puppy will continue to take its place in the same cage and like the scenario above, the Puppy Mill trade continues to thrive and the dogs at the Puppy Mill will still live out their miserable lives inside that filthy cage.

This is because, whatever your reason for buying that puppy may be, the result is still the same. YOU ARE CREATING THE DEMAND FOR THESE DOGS and at the same time, you are also indirectly responsible for sentencing the puppy’s parents to life imprisonment in the puppy mill!

For both instances, it is better to step out of the pet store and if possible, make known to the pet store proprietor of your displeasure and unwillingness to support Puppy Mills. Pet stores that support Puppy Mills do not get your patronage!

This is an uphill task. What can one person single-handedly do to stop this? That is when the word ?span style=”color: rgb(255, 0, 128); font-weight: bold;”>SYNERGY?comes in.

It simply means, “the combined effort of everyone is greater than the sole effort of one person” but no matter how small a step may be, it is still one step towards the big step. Many a mickle makes a muckle!

Spread the word around.

Educate consumers about the evils of Puppy Mills and what they do behind closed doors.

Remember, our canine friends can’t speak for themselves. It is up to us to protect the ones that we loved.

hope puppymill001

Once again, let me remind you that your puppy may be living in heaven,
but his poor parents are living in hell!

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horrible petshop!

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I was at Pets Station at Jurong Point today, intending to buy a drinking bottle for my hamsters but, I left without any purchases after witnessing the conditions of their hamsters.

I was reminded by what one of them gerbil seller said to a hamster seller at MOP:

U can sell them to Jurong Point’s Pet’s Station, they take good care of them, they use thongs to handle the gerbil lightly on their body whatz more they are taking in all of them at the same price u r offering here. Hope that this can help both of us.  Or I will not be able to sell my gerbils online, thankz!

What were these people thinking? If Pets Station have been taking good care of their animals, then the hamsters wouldn’t be eating cat food, drinking from algae infested water bottles AND THEIR STAFFS WOULDN’T BE HANDLING THE HAMSTERS WITH THONGS!