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My last day of attachment is actually tomorrow but it’s my OFF day so technically speaking, TODAY IS MY LAST DAY!

I’m elated to receive a box of Ferrero Roche from Xiuyunjie as a farewell gift.  It’s also her token of appreciation for me as I frequently help her to arrange her books that were always being messed up by kids!

Da-jie also bought me a pack of Cashew Nuts from NTUC but what gift better than that BITCH having her OFF day today!

I’ve spent the whole day inside the storeroom finishing up all the paperwork I have on hand.  I want to finish everything swee swee before I leave so as to leave a good impression if not, that BITCH will have more terrible things to say.

I wanted to prove to her that ITE students are just as capable and efficient compared to those Poly or JC part-timers.  The Poly part-timer siao mei mei, is such a spoilt brat.  She talks without thinking and when she doesn’t get her way, she’ll ask you to go and die or whatever wicked things that can spew out from her mouth.

She was bitter why I got the Ferrero Roche from Xiuyun-jie while she didn’t and she was throwing a tantrum.  Xiuyun-jie chided her and said that it’s because I always help her initiatively though I’m not from her department.

Then the brat was shouting at me to treat her the chocolates.  Lan Eng auntie scolded her why should people treat her in the first place?  Did she do anything to deserve the chocolates?  Stupid girl!

Anyway, I’m in a cheerful mood today so I also don’t want to be ‘calculat ivewith her lah. She will reap what she sows if she doesn’t change her ways.  I can’t be bothered!

The last hour at the store was spent cashiering with Mariah again.  Cashiering was so much fun than doing those damn paperwork that never seems to tally.  We were gossiping about somebody and serving customers at the same time and time passes very fast.

I did feel a tinge of sadness as I punch my card for the very last time.  I’m also feeling very confused. On one hand, I can’t wait for the attachment to end and get out of that place but yet, I’ll missed the good colleagues there like Xiuyun-jie, Lan Eng auntie, Da-jie and Mariah.

Countdown: 03 MORE DAYS TO FREEDOM!! (Actually, I’m already free lah)

bitch! bitch! bitch!

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I tak boleh tahan that BITCH already.  If she scolds me because I have made a mistake, I have nothing to say but the fact is, she is picking on me even when I’m not in the wrong! She would grab every opportunity to put me down without knowing the fact first.  Even when she later found out she has blamed me wrongly, she didn’t even apologize and just pretended that nothing has happened.

I find that hard to swallow!  How could that BITCH accuse me of something that I had not done at all?  It’s so awful to be wrongly accused?  Who does that BITCH thinks she is?  What gives her the right to abuse me mentally and verbally?  Just because she is the store supervisor?

When stocks arrived, one of my responsibility was to tally the physical stocks against the quantity stated on the DO like what I’ve been taught by my department people but like that she also want to scold me?  What if there is a discrepancy? 

Sometimes, when I’m in the midst of doing stocktaking, she would take away some stocks without even telling me.  She IS the Supervisor for goodness sake!  How could she do that??  Can’t she wait for me to finish doing the stocktaking first before helping herself to the goods?

Now I realized why sometimes I can’t tally! 

How to work with this kind of people?

Countdown: 05 MORE DAYS TO FREEDOM!!


i want justice

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It’s payback time and I’m gonna get my dignity and respect back.

That is the price to pay for messing with me. I ain’t no pushover.

Countdown: 06 MORE DAYS TO FREEDOM!!

back at work

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Your Penis Name is: Meat ‘n’ Potatoes

Muahahahaha!! I like the sound of that!! YUMMY!!

Oooh Goochi Goochi Gooo!

I’ve just returned home yesterday from the camp and I can feel my whole body tearing apart.  I feel so stretched out! I’m suffering from post-holiday blues and severly exhausted. My thigh muscles feel so tight now I think they’re gonna snap any moment now so all kinds of BIG actions are out for me. 

I can’t go down the stairs without looking like a cyborg with poor hand/leg coordinations yet I’m back at work today and I’ve worked for 12 frigging hours! My department people are not in today so I just hid myself in the store and do my own work. I’m feeling very, very sleepy…

third day at popular

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I have survived my third day at POPULAR! Both my department people were on leave today so only I am left to deal with the stocks today.

I am getting the hang of it and things went quite smoothly without having to ask anybody for help. I managed to settled 8 cartons of A4 files, Coin Boxes, many rulers and lots of markers and pens.

Checked the SLU for barcode and pricing and did stock-take followed by the tagging and shelving.

I hid in the office and take my own time to do the tagging.  If I do it outside, sure get distractions from the customers then I won’t be able to finish my work.

Initially I thought the 8 cartons would take me two days to finish but I settled them all in a day!

I hate kids!  They called me UNCLE!  Aunties are better because they call me siao di.

Alright, for the fans of FANN WONG, FANN ILLUSTRATED, the book is out NOW. ONLY the chinese version is available at LOT ONE POPULAR. The English version is not here yet!

FANN, your favorite international star, will be having a autograph session at Causeway Point POPULAR on Sunday.
So, please stop enquiring, ok?


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I reported for work at 10.45 am and I was assigned to the Stock Receiving department. It’s the beginning of my nightmare!! I have to attend to suppliers, checking goods and a lot of paper work to do!

There are so many steps to do with the PO, DO, and Invoice and its confusing me!

Then I have to do PUL, check barcode/selling price and do tagging. I’m on my feet the whole day and I can’t straighten my poor back!

The store was like a battlefield full of action and commotion!  Stocks are coming in non-stop and I have to keep entertaining the suppliers. I’m so busy that I even forgot to go for lunch!

When I return after lunch, I continued with tagging.  I have a hard time doing my work as customers keep asking me questions and I have to run all over the place to help them look for what they wanted!

By dinnertime, I was in no mood for food.  My whole body and soul was consumed by fatigue and I don’t feel hungry at all?  Met my brother and we went to NTUC to buy some fruit juice and jelly.

After that, went back to the store to check quantities and do price tagging for the True Singapore Ghost Story 12.

They had ordered FIVE HUNDRED copies and I counted until my eyes pak jiao!  I have not yet included the TSGS 7, 9, 11 and Mr Midnight!

The clock was ticking and I finally knocked off at 9.30 pm.

Now, I must go and sleep now.  Must prepare myself for another ‘exciting day at the POPULAR store tomorrow.

briefing at popular hq

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Met Soon Ho and Ari this morning at Woodlands MRT to go to the POPULAR HQ together.  Soon Ho told me that he saw my dreamgirl on the train.

The bus had just left when we reached the interchange and we waited a long time for the next one.  When we finally reach the destination, I realized that this is the place where I passed by everyday when I was in primary school!

We were late and we couldn’t find the POPULAR building anywhere so I asked a security guard  from one of the buildings and he said we had taken a wrong turn and walked in the opposite direction.

That’s what I hate about industrial parks!  When we finally reached the place, we had to explain to the speaker why we were late.  It was so embarrassing!

The briefing almost ended when my dreamgirl and her friends stepped into the room! I didn’t know she is also in this attachment programme!

After the briefing ended, Haida called me and she has collected my Leadership Camp shirt for me.

We decide to meet Woodlands MRT and she was two hours late!!

Oh well!