Grad Night ~ The red carpet affair

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Last week, I received an invite from Esther to attend the Grad Night for yet another batch of graduating Student Councilors. Hence after work, I rushed down to Bishan to meet Ivan, Bud, Zizah and Fatimah to go to school together. 

Bud and Zizah have not arrived yet so we waited for them at the library but after a while, we decided to meet them directly in school instead since they are coming by taxi.

As I walked on the once familiar route to school, I can’t contain the happiness that’s bursting out of me. I can’t wait to see everybody!

When we reached school, we wanted to look for Mama Yu and Mrs Lee but the staffroom was already empty. It was almost 7 pm and the teachers had already gone home. We went back to the foyer, sat on the chairs and chatted while waiting for Bud and Zizah

A taxi has barely drove through the gates when Fatimah suddenly jumped onto her feet excitedly, “They are here! They are here! I can see Zizzzzzzzah!”

So, Ivan and I stood up and the three of us clapped thunderously to welcome them as the taxi pulled up in front of us. I even stepped forward and was just about to open the door for them when I realised something amissed. There’s only one person in the backseat and it’s NEITHER Bud nor Ziza!

We totally made a fool of ourselves (like we always do) and exploded into fits of laughter! The passenger must be thinking what the hell are these three idiots out there clapping for? Haha!

Bud and Zizah soon came and we proceeded to the auditorium where we were received warmly by the ushers. Everyone were dressed like Geeks and that is so funny because that is the theme for tonight’s party!

After signing our names and receiving the door gift, we entered the auditorium to the fanfare of the music and deafening applauses from our juniors! Everyone were already seated inside waiting for our arrival! As I make my way to my seat, Miss Tan suddenly grabbed my hand to talk to me.

It was really a wonderful night seeing all my members and juniors once again especially my 16th EXCOs like Wenqiang and Keith who came to hug hug. Even Fitri was happy to see me.

There are three people who touched my heart during this event:

She was in my group during my very last SC Camp when I was relegated from EXCO to member. I remembered her as a jovial and happy girl with a big mole on her face. Although she ain’t Whitney Housten, I was still touched by the sincerity in her voice because I could feel her emotions and the sadness in her tones.

*I realised she was the passenger at the backseat of the taxi when the three idiots were happily clapping away at the foyer.

I have always thought of him as a playful person who doesn’t care much about the SC but I was taken aback by the numerous times when he became incoherent and held back his tears while being the emcee. I didn’t know that the SC meant so much to him if not he would not be so emotional throughout the party. I was really wrong about him. My bad…

She used to be ‘preached’  by me (quite frequently) for being talkative while performing morning duty. Tonight, she has put her talent to good use and outshined herself by being the emcee with Khairee.

After the end of Grad Night, we saw Mrs Foo at the Amphitheatre and we were delighted to see her! She has just returned from a course hence she couldn’t join us at the party earlier. She looked so tired. We chatted for a long time and joined forces to bully Zizah just like how we used to.

Here, I would like to thank my 16th EXCOs, especially Adam (despite his foot injury!) for the wonderful dance put up for us, the 15th EXCOs! I would also like to thank the organising committees (SWB and P&C) for the invites!




somewhere in my memory…

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I missed this route to the SC Room every morning…

I missed my 15th and 16th EXCOs…

I missed the morning briefings and EXCOs gather’

1st Aid Course 11st Aid Course 2
First Aid Course

“ROYCE” Committee with Mrs Foo (14th EXCOs nominees)

14th EXCOs with Mrs Wee (Edmund/VP, WK/President, William/Logistic Manager)

My favourite picture of the 14th EXCOs

Bishan SC Family

The Last Day…

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Today was a emo day.  In the morning, the 15th EXCOs held their very last morning briefing and we said our ‘last words’ to the members. I wasn’t expecting this so I didn’t prepare what to say except thanking them for everything and hoping that they will continue giving the 16th EXCOs their support.

We had our very last ‘EXCOs gather’ and after that, our succesors, the 16th EXCOs were finally introduced to the school during assembly.  A tinge of sadness wells up within me because after three years, today finally marks the end of my three enriching years of SC life. 

I’m feeling really lost now as the SC gave me a purpose in life and a sense of direction to where I want to go.  It also helped mould my character into the person I am today.  After I became a Student Councilor, I was forced to be disciplined and set an example to my fellow councilors.  It was difficult at first and but as time goes by, being disciplined just come naturally.  This was especially so after I became an EXCO.  I not only had to set an example to my junior councilors, I also had to set a standard for the rest of the school.

As the saying goes, “TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE.” 

How am I going to tell a student that colored hair is NOT allowed if I myself have colored hair?  How am I going to reproach a student for smoking, if I myself hide inside the school toilet and smoke? Get the drift?

The SC also helped open many doors of opportunities. I was lucky enough to attend the Personal Grooming CourseFirst Aid Course, Leadership Programs, Enrichment Programs, Official Events with Ministers, collaboration with external parties to organise Camps, Carnivals and even the Special Olympics

All these gave me the exposure and opportunity to fulfil my potential to the fullest and the experience is something which cannot be gained from the books.  I’m pretty sure that all these courses/events I had attended would proved useful one day when I go out to work.

Without the SC, I guess I’ll be one of the problematic ah beng with no life who do nothing but get into trouble everyday. 

Today was also the last practise and performance I had with the CO.  We had a performance at the Marina Square for the ITE Roadshow.  From tomorrow onwards, I doubt that I’ll ever pick up the Erhu again…

black sheep of the family

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My mood has been drastically affected by yesterday’s internal affairs. I am very pissed with a member who adamantly refused to accept her punishment due to a mistake she has committed. I don’t see why if her juniors could accept their punishment, why can’t she?? Is that exactly how she leads by exampleAnd to think that she’s one of the more senior members around!

Amongst those who were punished today, she should be the one more familiarized with the rules than anyone else so what is she complaining about?? She knows the rules and she knows what she can and cannot do so if she’s ready to break the rules, then she should be prepared to face the consequences!? What’s all the whining about??? So she’s concern about her own embarrassment, then what about the Council’s embarrassment and reputation?

Did we not give her time to change? Ample warnings had already been given yet she didn’t make any necessary changes to herself so who can she blame?? She’s the one who embarrassed herself, NOT us!? Touch her own heart, did her Manager NOT persistently adviced her to change herself? And did she heed the advice?? We have been kind enough to give her many chances but she blew it herself! Had it been Fanny’s time, she would have been terminated on the spot in front of the whole Council and in full view of the students a long, long time ago.

Does she even think that she deserves to be in the Council at all??

Let this be a lesson learned that the EXCOs say what we mean and we mean what we say!  In the past we didn’t take any actions is because we are giving chances but do people appreciate it? NO! Instead they thought that we’re empty vessels and do not take our words seriously.

DON’T TAKE OUR KINDNESS FOR OUR WEAKNESS! If they didn’t want to play by the rules, then don’t blame us for going by the book! We will be stepping down in about three more months and we don’t care if you people hate or turn against us. We don’t care even if you call us names for what we are doing is all for the good of the Council!

If need be, we’ll remove anyone whom we do not deem fit to be in the Council. At least for the moment, that is what we had hoped to achieve and allow the 16th EXCOs to have an easier job in managing them.

retail_hub 008
Food for thought: A Quote I saw in the Newpaper today…

SC Graduation Party

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We had our Graduation Party for the Jan Intake at the Multi-Purpose Hall yesterday. The theme for this year was ‘Masquerade‘ therefore, we all had to wear masks. The EXCOs DIY-ed their own masks.

This is mine. I’ve got feathery eyebrows! Nice?

Coiled up by balloons while preparing to change into my party dress…

Changed out of my uniform… leng mm leng zai?

Me looking constipated beside Hairul

With my ‘buddy’ Jannah who showed me the ropes 3 years ago.

The way to the Multi-Purpose Hall was decorated machiam likedadao. So GLAM!

The red carpet leading to the entrance.

While waiting to register for our lucky draw, I started cam-whoring

With Weili

I know I’m irresistably cute but you’ve just got married, Joshua!

Presenting the lastest Boyband in town – The Oriental Small Eye Boys

With Jessica

With Huijuan (thanks, I loved the pen you made for me!)

With Faith

With L.C

With Syaza the Drama Queen

Crushing Syaza‘s head

See Faisal‘s hands? “Please call 1900-123 4567 NOW!”

15th EXCOs

Fiona, Syaza, Me

Naomi Campbell graced the occasion by doing a catwalk…

Me, Ivan, Faisal

Let’s Partaaaaayy…

Shake that bom bom… the KING’s way !

Shake it, babeyyyyy!

Yo Ah Yo!

With Huixian

Guys in black… (there’s a spy amongst us…)

Although the theme was Masquerade, poor Eunice was the only one who wore her Mask throughouut the party. I really enjoyed myself last night as though it was my own Graduation Party but mine is not too far away either. Like what Faisal had said, our Graduation Party had better be as good as this if not better! Or else, we won’t step down and graduate! LOL

I really appreciate all the hard work, efforts and late nights spent in making this Graduation Party possible. I just have this to say to the Organising Committee:


* Now who was it that says Councilors dont’t know how to have fun?  The people who said that obviously has never been a Bishan Councilor

National Achievers Congress 2006

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I was away from school today, representing ITE College Central to attend this National Achievers Congress (NAC) Seminar, held at the Singapore Expo.

The directional sign outside Expo MRT Station.

The ticket was prized at $250 per head and someone from the ITE Alumni was kind enough to sponsor us.

The ticket for both days.

The moment I stepped into the Hall, I was overwhelmed by the scale of this Seminar! The entire Hall was filled with chairs and much grander than I thought!

Inside Expo Hall 3. What you see in the picture was just a miniscale of the actual place!

I would be hearing from some of the finest speakers (at least that’s what they claimed) from around the world during this Seminar:

Jim Rohn

Some interesting quotes from him:

“Getting independent people to work together is like herding cats…” (All will go in different directions)
“Be so busy giving recognition to other people that you had non for yourself”
“If you survived the first heart attack, you’ll live longer the next time” (This means that we had to encounter setbacks in order to appreciate the sweetness of success)

Ron Kaufman

This man has a funny bone and he specializes in the Customer Service sector. Having been a Singapore PR for the last decade, Ron is familiar with our local customer service standard. These could be clearly seen in his ‘re-enactments’.

He also raised some good points about the steps to having good Customer Service in Singapore which I could learn from.

Singlish is not alien to him as he affectionately introduces himself to us as “The Botak Ang Moh”! This leaves the audience in laughter. It’s interesting to see how Ron presents his speech. I have learnt that it’s easier to engage your audience’s attention if you had something similar in common which can help to ‘connect’ both parties.

When I was still a retail sudent the last time, I was taught that it costs cheaper to retain old and faithful customers rather than to spend time (and money!) prospecting for new ones. This was again mentioned today. So it’s all true!

Brett McFall & Tom Hua

These two speakers have taught me how to “create money out of thin air” simply by doing a business on the internet! All we have to do was to know how to write a powerful sales copy, develop a product, put them on the internet, get all the traffic you want and the money is yours!

Dolf de Roos

Dolf is a very ‘humble’ man. He may be small in size but he’s BIG on ideas! It’s amazing to hear how easy it was for him to earn money through Real Estates when he showed us pictures of the properties that had gone through his hands. He also showed us pictures of some of the projects which he had undertaken.

There’s a big oyster out there in the Real Estates line!

Scott Friedman

I must admit that Scott is one of my favourite speaker next to Ron Kaufman!! Be Positive!! I’ve learnt and will try how to face everyday with humor.

Faced any setbacks recently? Just laugh it off and you’ll feel better!

“The Spirit of laughter encourages the inner belief that there is something good in bad situations”

The poster. Jim Rohn reminded me of that fella who starred in Naked Gun 2 1/2.

That’s Rolf de Roos, sharing with us how to make a ‘bundle’ investing in Real Estate.

These are the notes I had taken down…

The organisors invited this visually-challenged man to come sing for us and share with us about how he overcome his inabilities to see.

Overall, the two days (20 hours of it!) Seminar was good and beneficial. It opened my eyes (and mind) and helped me to see things from a different perspective. I have already learnt some useful lessons that I could apply on in my future career or life.

Already, tickets for next year’s NAC 2007 is selling like hotcakes! One of the main speaker is Mark Victor Hansen, best selling author of the Chicken Soup Series.

Eco Camp

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Img_3893 (528 x 396)
That’s Branden and I

I have just returned from a two days and one night Eco Camp organized by the Ngee Ann Poly ERS (Environmental Rangers Society).

On Saturday morning, we went to Ngee Ann Poly for the camp briefing. After the briefing, we were split into three groups and we played Treasure Hunt. Frankly speaking, the Treasure Hunt wasn’t much fun as the area was far too big. Furthermore, the campus was totally new to us and we actually had difficulty locating the clues. It was impossible for us to cover 9 stations in three hours.

In fact, the facilitators who took the three groups couldn’t find the clues themselves and by the end of the game, all the groups had managed to cover only 4-5 stations.

I almost died from all that running as I was still recovering from a asthma relapse?

After the game, we had a quick shower and by late afternoon, we’re already on the chartered bus going to Sentosa’s Underwater World.

Upon reaching, we were welcomed by our guides and ushered to a room where we watched some videos about the Pink Dolphins and Shark Conservation.

After that, we had a guided tour of the Underwater World and being the urban swakus that we are, our mouths were wide open, gaping in awe at the huge Stingrays and vicious looking Sharks.

I was enthralled by the beauty of the exhibits such as the Jellyfishes and the Sea Angels. I was also stunned to see the sizes of the Groupers. They are not just very, very big. They were enormous!

After the tour ended, it was already dark and we went to watch the Musical Fountain performance. It has been more than 19 years since I last watched it! It brought back many childhood memories as I watched jets of water being squirted high into the air in different directions and angles, all in perfect synchronism with the music.

And that, together with the use of special lighting and lasers, added some vibrancy to the lively display. The contrast of the colors against the night sky in the background seems like a gigantic piece of canvas, filled with splashes of colors.

The show ended amid a thunderous applause from the audiences.

The most anticipating moment of this camp was that we were able to spend the night sleeping inside the Underwater World! How cool is that?! I mean, how often do you get to sleep with Sharks and giant Stingrays swimming around you??

So, armed with a sleeping bag each, all of us found ourselves a ‘premium?spot to sleep on.

I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep right away. I was lying inside my sleeping bag looking at the top of the tunnel, and holding on to my camera, trying to snap some awesome pictures of the sharks swimming overhead.

Img_3813 (528 x 396)
The picture above is the topview of where I slept!

This morning, the other highlight of the camp was waiting for us and that is, to see the Pink Dolphins. First, we watched the Pink Dolphins perform the usual stunts and tricks and after the show, special arrangements were made for us to touch and take pictures with the Pink Dolphin at the other end of the beach.

The Dolphin’s skin felt quite wrinkly and rather rough, quite different from what I had thought.

Img_3960 (450 x 600)
We got to pet the male Pink Dolphin, Jumbo

Some things I have learnt from this camp:

Sharks helps to control the population of the fishes in the sea by eating the dead or injured fishes.
A Dolphin is not a fish; it is a mammal.
A fish (Shark) swims by swinging its tail left and right whereas a Mammal (Dolphin) swims by swinging its tail up and down.
Domesticated Dolphins may seem friendly and harmless but those in the wild may not be that friendly at all.
Dolphins can be found in the waters around Singapore!
Both Sharks and Dolphins can only swim forward but not backward so they are unable to untangle themselves from the fishermen’s net.
Sharks caught by the fishermen had their pectoral and dorsal fins cruelly sliced off while they are still alive after which, the ‘finless?sharks would be thrown back into the ocean where it would sink into the bottom where it would drown or be eaten by other sharks.

    I have brought back with me, a wealth of knowledge and I have learnt the importance of keeping our environment clean!

    Img_3968 (528 x 396)
    Everybody just love the turtle man!