What killed the cat?

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I had initially wanted to blog about the school uniform from Malaysia which was said to be “too transparent, encouraged rape and premarital sex”…  (Full story here)

Hence, I went in search for this controversial uniform which could have caused so much social problems.

I had expected to find something like this:

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But what I found was this:

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The uber sek-see uniform from Malaysia government schools…

I guess the Malaysian group who condemns that this uniform will “lead to babies born out of wedlock and, to an extent, even prostitution” will commit suicide if they ever come over here to Singapore and see the kind of uniforms we have.

I had wanted to carry on with this topic but I discovered something else which stopped me from blogging on further.

I had found this…









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This girl looked like someone I knew in a hauntingly-kind-of-way.

I don’t know if it’s the hair or the dimple on the face but the resemblance is really uncanny!

No wonder they say curiosity kills…

 *Cold wind sweeps across the room*

school reopens

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Today is the day! The day when school reopens!!

I just got my results a few days ago. I’ve passed my Nitec in Retail and did pretty well! I’ve got ‘A‘s for Effective Writing, Retail Operations, Basics in Personal Finance and a ‘B‘ for Business Software Application.

My GPA is 3.7 and I am confirmed of a place in Higher Nitec in Accounting!

As I have to be in charge of the PA, I can’t join my class for Orientation but I managed to join them for a short while.

Mr Sim, my form TO, told us that our class has been selected to go Bukit Timah Nature Reserve tomorrow with the Horticultural Club.

busy holidays

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Today is the start of a week-long holiday but heck, there are so many things to do!

I have to go back to school on Wednesday for an interview for the post of EXCO. I didn’t know how I got selected? I definitely have no leadership or wadeva qualities that can make me one? I mean, look around and you sure can find someone else of a higher caliber than me!

I’m already very busy being a member but if I were to become an EXCO, I can foresee myself dropping dead inside the SC Room out of exhaustion!

Another problem is I’m not even sure if my application for Higher NITEC is going to be approved or not?? I don’t even know if I can pass my exams? *Ponder*

Then on Thursday, I have to go back to school again because of Retail Hub. WE NEED A NEW THEME FOR THE SHOP BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!!? *kwa kwa!*

We are going to have a jumble sale to raise funds to stock up the shop but… but… what are we going sell leh?

I also have the ES Module report to write for Ms Janet Xavier but I have no friggin idea how to write that report!

Oh man, there’s so much to do?but so little time!!

sick again

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I have difficulty breathing this morning. Woke up at 4am to pop two salbutamol tablets then whole day felt very lethargic and drowsy, walking around school like a zombie but I still managed to survive the REO test.

Reached home and fell into a deep slumber and just woke up from my afternoon nap. Feel my whole body burning and I have fever at 38 C. Feeling both hot and cold at the same time.

Dunno tmr can go to school or not? It’s only 2 hours BSA but I don’t wish to miss lesson.

the pill

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I woke up this morning feeling breathless and also having a slight flu so I took the medicine before leaving for school.  During morning assembly, it was my duty to do COM 1 and I was standing in front of the school.

The medicine has started to take effect and I am feeling very drowsy.  Everything is spinning in front of me and I felt my body swaying involuntarily.  I was so delirious that I even forgot what I was doing out there in front of everybody!

Luckily, my Manager was standing right at my side to help me!

After finish singing the National Anthem and Pledge, Mrs Lum, made the latecomers declare the reason for their late coming using the mike right in front of the whole school!

She is coming down hard on those who are breaking the school rules and she really means business! The way she embarrasses them may seem a bit ruthless but then, I think the errant offenders really deserves it.

One thing that she said really makes it hard for me NOT to stand on her side. She said, “If a sixty years old cleaner could come in at 6.30 am, I don’t see why able-bodied nineteen years old can’t make it to school at 7.50 am??

She also conducted an impromptu spot check for improper uniform and hair color class by class.  As a result of this, I was late for my BAS class by about half an hour!

During the BPF test, my mind went totally blank and I don’t know what the heck I was calculating at all! My Income Statement was still all right but I think my Net Worth Statement may have some mis-calculations because my brain can’t think properly.

I was feeling very sleepy for the entire day and I even nodded off right in front of Mrs Tan!

While on my way home in the MRT, there wasn’t any seats and I was standing half asleep.  One of my legs suddenly gave way when I fell asleep!  Luckily, I managed regain my balance with the other leg and didn’t fell flat on my face in front of so many people!

The stupid flu medicine made me so miserable. Didn’t expect one pill can be so powerful as to make me unable to pay attention in class for the whole day!!


CCA Roadshow

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Today’s CCA Roadshow was quite tiring.  Among the various CCAs on display, ours were the most quiet and pathetic.  We were basically sitting down there clapping flies.

We only managed to recruit about 9 new members but at least the outcome is better than what I expected.  Almost all of them already have prior experience however, I’m not very optimistic that all will eventually stay on with us because when we asked them to put down their names, they were a bit half-hearted and reluctant.

My dreamgirl is also joining the CO!  She was from the same batch as me and she was a librarian but the school has decided to close down the library so she’ll be losing her CCA soon. She was at our booth today and I’m too paiseh to look at her! 

During class break, a few of my classmates came to my booth to look-look-see-see.  Clarence, the canon also came and started blowing his trumpet again that he knew how to play all kinds of instruments.  I casually asked him to join the CO since he’s so talented but he said that he specialize only in western instruments.  I asked him what instrument he plays but he can’t even tell me a instrument name nor even know what ‘percussion’ was?

back to school

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We finally got back our Term 1 results slip today.

Sul is the only one in our whole intake to get a full 4-pointer for GPA! Haida got 3.7 and I got 3.6.

I’ve got an A for my CUR (Customer Relations) but our whole class chose to put this subject ungraded cuz it was a non-elective subject.  Dui ah!!!

If I had chosen to have it graded, then my GPA will be higher!  Now I wanna cry ah!!

We’ll be learning new subjects this term and our new timetable is so shiok!  The timing is even better than last term because our latest day ended only at 4.15pm.  This term will be much more difficult and fast paced due to the change in school calendar, as we have two weeks shorter to complete the syllabus.

This term must really piah liao.

The January intake starts school today.  My class was supposed to start lesson at 10.15 am but as it was the new term, Councilors have to help with the crowd control, thus I’m already in school by 7.30 am but that’s okay.  I LOVE SCHOOL!

Tomorrow, we will have a CCA Roadshow and we really have to get a lot of members to join us.  The CO has only three pathetic erhu players left  after the previous batch graduated!