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That Pants Dropping Incident…

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Initially, I had no intention to blog about
this celebrity pants dropping incident but the matter has been blown way out of proportions and getting
on my nerves. I tried ignoring it but
wherever I go, I was kept reminded about it – people are talking about it, the headlines are
screaming about it and even the Radio and TV are broadcasting it.

YES, he is a fool to have wrecked his own blissful marriage and
destroying the happy family they have painstakingly built up over the
last 27 years.

Indeed, he owed his loved ones an apology and begging for their forgiveness is the least he could do.


I don’t see why he should apologize to his mistress(es).

He is in the wrong but it’s not like she is any less guilty than him?

It takes two to tango, no?

she knew that he is a married man
right from the start and despite that, is still willing to enter an illicit relationship with
him says something about her, doesn’t it?

What would a young girl want from a married man who is double her age? For his yummy good looks? His muscular physique? Or his passion for Cosplay?

I mean, like, seriously?

There must be something that she wants from him, right?

I’m not siding with him but why is everyone blaming the man?

he made the first move on her but she could always reject his advances.
Is he able to force her if she is not a willing party?

Everyone loves justice in the affairs of others but seriously speaking, who are we to interfere if his wife is magnanimous enough to forgive him?

His infidelity has hurt his family but does it hurt you? Or me?

Therefore, I think he owes nobody an explanation except his family.

It’s punishment enough for a public figure to be disgraced till this state.

He has jeopardized his own career, tarnished his wholesome, good family man image and not to mention the ripple effects of this incident which will continue to haunt him in the future.

I could foresee him spending
the next couple of years trying to regain his wife’s trust and mending the crack in their marriage which, I think is not going to be a easy task so, let us just live and let live.

Please allow the family to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

There are bigger stories out there.

This fella would agree with me.
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