An update on Dexter’s Recovery

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Dexter’s getting much better now with regular medication. The poo has been solid for the past two days so I believe the diarrhea is finally clearing up. Other than that, the seizure is pretty much under control. The rate of recurrence isn’t that frequent though he sometimes might still have cramps with his left hind leg and can’t walk properly.

The angle of the head tilt is also getting lesser. With the advice of some forumers, I have been massaging his neck as and whenever I can to prevent the muscles from becoming lazy and stiff.

Dexter is also gaining back some weight. I can feel the layer of fats surrounding the chest span once more and the hollows between the ribs are being filled up. I would like to thank the people who helped me tide over this difficult period with their words of encouragement and sms-es. I couldn’t have found the strength to carry on if it wasn’t for you guys.


Stubborn boy refuses to take his Medicine

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Dexter wasn’t feeling too good today and his legs were wobbly. Brought him out for his walk but it seems his legs couldn’t coordinate with each other. His hind legs were faster than the forelegs and as a result, he walks in a zigzag motion and keeps colliding into my legs.

Went home to feed him his medication but he stubbornly refuses to swallow no matter how long I held his muzzle. His gums were quite pale and that worries me. 

The moment I release my grip (thinking that he has swallowed), he pushes the pills out with his tongue. I’m so worried and angry at the same time. He looks as if he’s half dead yet he still doesn’t want to take his medicine!

In my anxiety, I removed all the pills from his mouth and threw it into his kibbles and pour all his drinking water (containing electrolytes) into one big bowl and squash everything up!!

Using a syringe, I force all the liquid down his throat. After a while, he seems alright and he proceeded to eat up the remaining dregs left in the bowl. 

That boy really scares me to death…

A turn for the worse

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Last night, Dexter suddenly begins flipping on the floor violently and when he finally gets up, his head was tilted to one side and he keeps losing his balance while walking.

At that moment, he loses control over his bowels and he rolls all over his poo and pee. I’m at a loss of what to do by this sudden turn of events as it totally caught me by surprise!


I picked him up but he struggled madly, resulting in his head banging against mine! His teeth must have knocked into my eye because I felt a sharp pain but the pain I’m going through is insignificant compared to his.

I cradled him in my arms and he just lay there limply. Fear and helplessness were written in his eyes. At that instance, my heart just broke to smithereens.

Is he going to die?  How could he! 

We cried together. I knew he’s in a lot of pain but there’s nothing I could do to help him. His heartbeat was getting weaker and eventually, he took one final breath, and stopped moving altogether.

I held him closer to me and I prayed to GOD not to take him away. I rubbed and patted his body vigorously until I saw his chest rise again. He began breathing, thank goodness, though still very weakly. 

I sat on the kitchen floor with him in my arms, reminiscing about the past – telling him how mischievous he was when he was still a little puppy and all the troubles he has gotten himself into…

A few hours passed and day was breaking. I had spent the whole night cradling him in my arms all covered with his feces.

I moved my numbed arm a little and he opened his eyes.

He survived the ordeal. He’s a survivor!

Let me be your guiding light when the sky’s all dark           Let me be your walking stick when the path ahead is tough           I’ll be there for you when all seems lost           Cheer up, Sunrise is not too far away

Recuperating at home

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It’s Dexter‘s first day home after being discharged from the veterinarian. He’s doing quite well, without anymore vomiting although the stools are still quite soft.

Will be keeping him under observation at home but Saturday have to send him back to Dr PM for a follow-up.

Keeping fingers crossed!


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I was just about to visit Dexter at the clinic when I received the call which I had been waiting for since yesterday!

It was Dr PM and she was explaining to me about Dexter‘s condition. However, she was speaking so slowly that I thought she was going to break some very bad news to me – especially when she mentioned scary things like still had very loose stools’, ‘need to go for X-Ray’, ‘small intestine very sensitive’, ‘should test for cancer’, etc… 

I’m feeling so flustered that I’m on the verge of breaking down but still, I suppressed my emotions and responded to everything she said with a ‘Yes’, ‘I see’, and ‘uh-huh’.

She was hemming and hawing and the suspense was killing me!

On one hand, I was desperate for the results yet I feared the outcome would be too much for me to bear. The moment of truth finally came when she said, “I was wondering if you could bring Dexter home this evening?”


Did I just hear the words ‘HOME’ and ‘THIS EVENING’? 


Dexter is finally coming home so I immediately rushed down to fetch him from the clinic!

I missed my poor baby so much! He was given 9 different types of medication for his Diarrhea, Digestion, Antibiotics and I was also instructed to feed him only the special diet sold by the vet .

Price of 3 days stay at the vet:  S$500+
Price of one healthy baby:  Priceless

Come Home Please

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I’ve been feeling down ever since Dexter was hospitalized. I do not have any appetite and I haven’t been eating anything in school for the whole day (from 8am to 5pm) and my tummy is feeling a little uncomfortable right now.

I’m very anxious right now because I am still waiting for the call from the clinic. Will Dexter be discharged? Dr PM promised to let him come home before Saturday but today is already Friday.

In the end, I called them instead and they said that Dexter still had soft stools this morning. He can only be discharged when his stools firms up.

I’ll visit him at the clinic tomorrow. Hope to bring him home by then.

the first night away from Home

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I’ve been thinking about Dexter. Last night was his first time away from home without his family. It must be traumatic for him to be all alone in a strange environment.

Did he sleep well? Was he frightened? Did he blame me for leaving him there alone? Why didn’t I come back to fetch him home after running out of the clinic yesterday? Would he think that I don’t want him anymore?

These are just some of the heartbreaking questions I’ve been asking myself repeatedly.

OA lesson was cancelled today so after school, I immediately rush down to Sunset Way from Bishan to see Dexter.  When he saw me, he instantly ran to the front and keeps pawing at the gate. He was thrilled to see me! I opened the gate and he jumped onto my body giving me licks and kisses! 

I missed that boy so much!  He seems more frisky and lively than the last few days when he looked almost like he’s dying. Had a brief talk with Dr PM and she said that Dexter is doing quite well on the special diet.  There is no more vomiting though the stools are still quite soft.

He can go home once his stools firms up.  Am I glad to hear that!

Boy boy, Gambatte! 

Give Dr PM a “SOLID SOLID” one, okay?