Snapshots: Little Guilin

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I went to Little Guilin this week!

Alright, this is a very backdated post.

This entry was written way back in January, I think, and I never get round to publishing it.

Although having moved into the nearby neighborhood for almost twelve years, this was just my second visit to this unused Quarry.

Little Guilin

Lake Placid

Have you heard of the drowning incidents relating to this lake?

Who knows… what lies beneath?

Reminds me of the “vertical climb” at Gunung Panti

Something pissed me while taking the next photo.

See anything?


Let’s zoom in.

Rubbish hanging on for dear life at the cliff

If one can take the trouble to climb up there, will they lose an arm or leg just to bring their own trash down with them?

Why can’t people be matured enough to clear up the mess they have created? Spare a thought for the poor fella who’s gonna fish the trash out from the water! It’s dangerous!

I remembered a sign that I saw from one of Sarawak’s Nature Park many years ago:

Take Nothing But Photographs;
Leave Nothing But Footprints

Our environment will be a better place only if everyone does their part!

Gong Xi Huat Cai!

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How is your preparation for the Chinese New Year coming along?

Luckily for us, we started Spring Cleaning early this year. We spread the chores
over the span of several weekends so it wasn’t really a chore to us.

There is no point pushing everything off till the last minute because we still have to do it in the end and not to mention that it’s hard work having to finish off everything at one shot.

Recently, my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes but thank God his was just a minor one. No medication needed but he has to watch his diet to keep his condition under control

As a result, we didn’t buy a lot of festive goodies this year
due to health reasons

That means, n
o Pineapple Tarts, no Bah Kwa and no tainted Melon Seeds from China

Except for our salary,
everything else is going up which includes our glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure

Therefore, go easy on those Bah Kwa and soft drinks, will you?

Afterall, health is wealth, right?

Now, what is Chinese New Year without walking through the sights, the sounds, and the smells of Chinatown? I believe it’s the only way to fully immerse oneself in the festive mood!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Pearl’s Center, the tallest landmark in Chinatown

Come to think of it, whose idea was it to paint Pearl Center with red, yellow and green? It’s so painful to the eyes…

You can find this stall selling waxed items at the Chinatown New Year Bazaar every year without fail. They are almost like the anchor tenant!

You can find waxed-anything here…

From Lup Cheong (Waxed Sausages)…

…to Waxed Duck and Fish

Okay, maybe NOT everything

What do you call 佛手瓜 in English?

Buddha’s Hand Gourd? 有点牵强吧?哈哈哈!


It’s a family tradition to place a pair of Kumquats beside the pillow for good luck.


Accessories for you to hang on the Pussy Willow

Somehow, I feel I’ve just said a dirty word.

Customized car plates!

I loved these little tigers!

I find them very adorable but didn’t buy any because I have no use for them. But still, I took a picture to serve as a momento. I even had a name for my imaginary friend – 虎儿!

What are these?

They sprout!

Festive red everywhere!


Trishaw outside the Chinatown Heritage Centre

People queuing up for Bah Kwa outside Lim Chee Guan

Even foreign workers are queuing!

I think they were under orders from their boss to queue for the BBQ pork.

Here’s wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Are you ready for…

The Annual Interrogation-tion-tion-tion-tion

Colorful Clarke Quay

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I had a wedding dinner to attend at Novotel Clarke Quay yesterday so what better chance to try out the new camera that I’ve gotten last week? Hence, I make my way down to Clarke Quay four hours before the dinner and took my time exploring around.

I’ve checked the weather forecast before I left the house and it really rained as predicted when I arrived.

Not one to beat a hasty retreat, I whipped out my camera nonetheless and braved the torrents of rain which pelted mercilessly upon my umbrella.

Some of these pictures were taken single handedly (pun!) as the other hand was busy restraining the umbrella from eloping with the wind…

The row of colorful shophouses

Fortunately, the rain did not last very long and I was soon able to manipulate the camera with both my hands again…

See that structure on the right? It was the G-Max

A closer look

That’s bungee jumping (in reverse) whereby you’ll be catapulted into the air from the ground.

Watch the video I took from the opposite bank

It costs a whooping
18 bowls of Wanton Mee per person per ride!


That’s almost one day worth of salary for
some people!

Moving further up the bank

A penny for your thoughts?

Bumboats cruising along the river

Notice that building with the colorful windows at the background? That’s the MICA Building. Nuffnangers who attended the post Nuffnang Awards Tour should be familiar with it.

View of Clarke Quay from Read Bridge

What is my ideal life?

It is enjoying a cuppa at a idyllic corner and watching the world go by…

I’ve heard so much about Chen Fu Ji Fried Rice but are their fried rice really that ultimate?

Riverside Point

Here’s how Read Bridge looks like
and I love those Victorian street lamps!

Setting the parameter for some street performances

Nice deco

The ground is leaking

An old school dentist chair

As the time for the wedding dinner draws near, I made my way to Liang Court to ‘standby’ and I realized the shops starts pulling down their shutters as early as 7pm.

Everyone loves baubles!

Find me!

I love Christmas ornaments!

After taking these few shots, it was time to attend my best friend’s wedding.

Congrats, K & MC!

It was a fun and exciting day getting to know my new camera better. I’m still exploring the features, especially the manual functions. I hope I could come up with better composed pictures in time to come…

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Giant Pandas From China!

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The parents have finally touched down safely yesterday morning!

Unfortunately, Mum was taken ill barely two days upon arrival due to the chilling weather at China because her winter wear was unable to combat the -0.8°C temperature efficiently.

Luckily, I’ve heard about the weather from the news and by the time they arrived on the doorstep at 6am, I had already gotten a pot of Sweet Potato Soup with ginger to ‘warm’ them up.

The first thing we did was to have breakfast together at the coffeeshop.

Seriously, food tastes better when you are not eating alone.

Anyway, wanna see some Giant Pandas?


But before that, here’s what I’ve got.

Beads from some sifu

The parents did not buy alot of stuffs as I told them not to since they are already struggling with the hugeass luggage due to the extra winter wear.

Okie, now are you ready for some Giant Panda cuteness?


the Giant Pandas!

Why are they called ‘Giant Pandas’? Are there miniature ones?

Are this two coming to Singapore?

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Haw Par Villa

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Haw Par Villa, formerly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, was originally constructed in 1937.

Aw Boon Haw created the park which depicts Chinese mythology, heroes, folklore, legends and history to teach and preserve Chinese values.

The gate, which was built originally for the Villa

Do you know why Haw Par Villa was named as such even though there was no Villa anywhere in the park?

Actually, there was.

Initially, Aw Boon Haw bought the site to build a grand Villa for his brother, Aw Boon Par. However, distraught by the loss of his brother after the war, Aw Boon Haw had the Villa demolished but continued to improve and expand the grounds until his death in 1954.

Haw Par Villa was later sold to STB (Singapore Tourism Board) in 1979.

Lost Parson Russell Terrier *FOUND!*

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Please help keep a lookout for Napolean around Hougang area!

Help Napolean come home!


Update 17 October: LOST AGAIN!

Update 19 October: FOUND!

Last seen running towards Hougang Mall

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Lost Maltese

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Singapore celebrated her 44th year of Independence yesterday.

Thailand Trip

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With my laptop fixed, I’m finally able to share about my recent trip,
something that I should have done three months ago, before my hard disc
crashed on me.

I was away on a pilgrimage trip to Hat Yai, Thailand where I took a bumpy coach ride departing from the Golden Mile Complex and crossed the Thai border via Malaysia.
It took a staggering 16 hours of traveling and going through four
customs (exit SIN > enter MAS > exit MAS > enter THAI) before
reaching Hat Yai. After alighting from the coach, I had to transfer to a mini van where I was further driven away from civilization.


The temple that I was heading for, was hidden away at a remote part of Hat Yai, surrounded by nothing but mountains and forest.

Life at the temple was laid-back yet mundane at the same time. It’s rise and shine for the monks at 4.30AM (Thailand being one hour slower than Singapore)
to have their morning prayers after which, I would follow them out of
the temple to seek alms in the village before returning for breakfast.


is followed by area cleaning until lunch and its OTOT until dinner.
During this period of time, I would go explore the temple grounds and the mysterious cave
above the temple.


Over at the temple,
activities begin to cease around 6PM and by 7PM, it was time to retire
to bed. Early as it may sound but in this remote village, there is
practically nothing else to do except sleeping because there is no
electricity outside the bedroom at night. The only way to navigate your
way around was with a torchlight but with thousands of screaming bats flying out of the cave foraging for food at this hour, it is safer to stay indoors.

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In this joyous day of great celebration…

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let me wish everyone a…