Thailand Trip

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With my laptop fixed, I’m finally able to share about my recent trip,
something that I should have done three months ago, before my hard disc
crashed on me.

I was away on a pilgrimage trip to Hat Yai, Thailand where I took a bumpy coach ride departing from the Golden Mile Complex and crossed the Thai border via Malaysia.
It took a staggering 16 hours of traveling and going through four
customs (exit SIN > enter MAS > exit MAS > enter THAI) before
reaching Hat Yai. After alighting from the coach, I had to transfer to a mini van where I was further driven away from civilization.


The temple that I was heading for, was hidden away at a remote part of Hat Yai, surrounded by nothing but mountains and forest.

Life at the temple was laid-back yet mundane at the same time. It’s rise and shine for the monks at 4.30AM (Thailand being one hour slower than Singapore)
to have their morning prayers after which, I would follow them out of
the temple to seek alms in the village before returning for breakfast.


is followed by area cleaning until lunch and its OTOT until dinner.
During this period of time, I would go explore the temple grounds and the mysterious cave
above the temple.


Over at the temple,
activities begin to cease around 6PM and by 7PM, it was time to retire
to bed. Early as it may sound but in this remote village, there is
practically nothing else to do except sleeping because there is no
electricity outside the bedroom at night. The only way to navigate your
way around was with a torchlight but with thousands of screaming bats flying out of the cave foraging for food at this hour, it is safer to stay indoors.

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Doggie Rescue!

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Slowly, slowly, just a bit more…

Come, gimme your paw


Lemme pull you to safety…

Run along now and stay AWAY from the waters!


community work at thailand

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Farewell to my fellow councilors who are flying off to Thailand and have a safe journey!



Remember to stay away from the kampong chickens and better still, run for your life if you see any kind of birds!


Look out for one another and take care!

Don’t worrywell, just come back safely and bring me prezzies!!



retail hub’s bangkok trip

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I’m back from Bangkok!

The trip was very enriching and I have discovered a newfound perspective for that dickhead. 

I came out from the bathroom and saw Robin asleep on the bed but that dickhead Ari wasn’t in the room.  He has gone out without telling us but he left the door wide open. How could he be so irresponsible? We are not in his Indonesia kampong for goodness sake!

What if someone came in and steal our things? Or worse still hold us at knifepoint? He didn’t even inform us that he’s going out and its not the first time he’s doing that! He keeps leaving the door wide open on several occasions despite my constant reminder. 

Once, he didn’t even close the door when all three of us are going out! 

We were were about to enter the lift going down, Robin asked him, “you did close the door, didn’t you?” and that son-of-dickhead exclaimed, “oh, ya hor!” and he quickly ran back to close the door!

However, what infuriates me most is he keeps bringing Robin go gallivanting elsewhere without telling Haida or me. I don’t care what the fuck happened to him.  My main concern is Robin‘s safety. He is my fellow SC junior, and it is his first trip abroad so I feel obliged to take care of him. I do not want that dickhead to lead him astray.

We were at this bazaar beside a very busy road and the teachers were selecting some jewellry for the Retail Hub. I remembered very clearly that Robin’s was just beside me but when I turned away for just a second, he was gone!

I was so anxious when Robin suddenly vanished from my sight! Bangkok is notoriously famous for its horrible traffic – both vehicular and human.  What if he gets knocked down by a car or even kidnapped? Haida and I really panicked! We looked and searched everywhere but we just can’t find him!

At that moment, horrible images of mute and maimed child beggars begging for money in the streets started flashing in my mind. What would we tell his parents? How should we answer to the school? 

After a frantic search of almost 10 minutes up and down the street, Robin and the dickhead finally showed up. Apparently, that dickhead has brought Robin to the 7-11 which is a few streets away.

I was very mad but I suppressed my anger. I wish I could strangle that dickhead right there and then on the spot but I didn’t want to blow up the matter in case the teachers get to know about it. 

Mrs Tahir will NOT be very pleased with this!

Bangkok is not exactly very safe to travel alone at night and we should stick around in a group instead of straying around on our own.  If they need to go anywhere, they should inform someone else because in case something happens, at least we will know where to go to look for them!

The dickhead is from a neighboring country where riots and demonstrations are a common sight. He is exposed and used to these social unrest and he is street-smart enough to protect himself but Robin and I are not like him. 

We grew up in a totally different environment and we were taught different values. What’s acceptable to him maybe too much of a burden for us to bear. Besides, that dickhead is not the kind who would look out for you should anything happens. He would save his own skin first, which is why, I didn’t like Robin to hang out with him too much.

Robin has his freedom and rights to choose and make his own friends and he is old enough to differentiate what’s right and wrong and what can be done and what can’t be done. I do not want to interfere with his choice of friends but as I mentioned earlier, I see him as a younger brother and I feel I have the obligation to take care of him. 

We are now on a school trip representing ITE College Central Bishan and not on our own leisurely trip. Should anything happened to us, the teachers will have to answer to the school and the school will have to answer to our parents. Then, the name of ITE College Central Bishan will be smeared and there goes the chances of our future trips!

Call me scaredy cat if you please, but I wouldn’t want any untoward to happen to anyone on this trip. Especially so when we are in another country which is not as peaceful and safe as our own country. 

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1. Group photo at Jatuchak Market
2. Sunrise from my hotel window. Looks like Armaggedon?
3. Me and the Dragon
4. Chao Praya River
5. Still at Chao Praya River
6. Last group photo of the Retail Hubbers