Month: December 2003

my 2004 wish

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Its 2004!

Happy New Year SINGAPORE!

I wished to have World Peace, no more SARS, everyone around me to be happy and healthy!

For me, I’ll be a bit more greedy, I hope to have a good job and a bright future!

Oh yes, and I hope all homeless pets will find a home they can call their own!!!



creamie does it again…

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I was sleeping when I was woken by a ticklish feeling on my shoulder. I fought hard to open my blurry eyes and I saw something shifting about then running away. I quickly switched on the lights and I saw Creamie, my Syrian hamster running along the edge of my bedroom wall!

I caught her and put her back into her cage at the living room. How on earth did she escape again? I had already changed her cage from the tank to a Safari cage after she escaped the last time!

I got my answer when I saw her cage. She has managed to turn and open the upper lid of the Safari Outpost

She must have had a full excursion of the house and wanted to return back to her cage for a rest thats why she came to look for me. LOL!

Movie: goodboy (premiere)

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I watched Good Boy at GV Marina last night and its a really nice show! I love the way that dog bark and play dead! Haha!

10 paws up except for the munching sounds of the NACHOS coming from all over the place(STEREO)… Best part is I’m surounded by kids!  The one next to me keep standing up, sit down, stand up, sit down whereas the ones behind me toppled over their NACHOS and keep stepping on it *CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! * and there’s one infant in front who keeps crying…


not very well

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Yesterday went to LOT One and West Mall to shop. Bought a ‘Little Nicky‘ VCD, then realised I had watched it before…

Then went to the pasar malam and bought some food. I had a bowl of shark’s fin soup and some fried wanton. Yummy!

At night after dinner, I had a terrible migraine. Popped two Panadol but still felt the same. I vomited out my dinner…  

Actually wanted to sleep early but I wanted to watch the ‘Hollow Man‘ on TV. I have always wanted to watch the show when it was screening in the theatres.

Finally managed to ‘half-sleep-half-watch’ and finished the show.


my ideal christmas

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Its finally Christmas day but what the heck, there is no Christmassy mood at all! Its so boring for the whole day! I wanna get out of SINGAPORE!

My ideal Christmas should be living in a small cottage, surrounded by my loved ones. There is a big Christmas tree and everyone helped to decorate it. There is a fireplace and the family pooch is curled up sleeping on the carpet in front of it. The sky is turning dark and it is starting to snow outside the window… There will be lots of presents and puddings and meat pies going round…

Sighz… When can I stop dreaming and have a real cool Christmas? This reminds me of a song, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”


christmas eve

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Its Christmas Eve and its my favourite festival! Yeah hey! I have been waiting all year for this time. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a heavy bout of flu, asthma and my chest hurts like hell whenever I cough. My lungs should be filled to the brim with thick, yellow phlegm! *Ka pui!*Arrrgh! I feel so lerthargic after eating the asthma medicine.

Went to the mall in the afternoon with my parents, sister and little nephew but I feel so sick that I have no mood to shop at all. Its so crowded with people doing last minute shopping. They are having a sale at the jewellery store and my sis bought for herself a diamond ring. Its just a tiny, shiny piece of stone why female species are lusting after it so much?? OMG… What a waste of money… 

Went to John Little and two pairs of jeans caught my eye and the jeans are on super sale! Its more than 50% off! Oh my, I bought both of them and my spirits went high a little!

Everyone were so engrossed in our own shopping that no one realised my little nephew who was just starting to learn to walk was missing from his stroller!! All of us panic and started asking each other, “Aren’t you looking after him?”

Luckily he was wearing those musical shoes and we can hear him nearby! I found him walking around blindly and quickly carried him. LOL! What a mischievious little fella! Gave us such a fright!

My bro-in-law soon came to join us and we went for dinner at Seoul Garden restaurant where we have  Korean BBQ buffet. I didn’t eat much cause I didn’t have much of an appetite. My chest still hurts a little and my running nose is making my breathing difficult.


Good boy!

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Yeah! I won myself a pair of tix to watch the premiere of the show Good Boy!

Owen Baker is a 12-year-old loner who has been working as the neighborhood dog-walker so he can earn the privilege of getting a dog of his own. His hard work pays off when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, let Owen adopt a scruffy mutt he names Hubble. Both boy and dog get more than they bargained for when Owen wakes up one morning to discover he can understand every word Hubble says– including the ominous phrase: ¡§Take me to your leaders.¡¨ Owen learns that dogs came to Earth thousands of years ago to colonize and dominate the planet. Hubble (who is really named Canid 3942) has been sent by the powerful Greater Dane on a mission from the Dog Star Sirius to make sure dogs have fulfilled this destiny. Despite the best efforts of Owen¡¦s rag-tag group of neighborhood dogs to convince him otherwise, Hubble soon discovers the awful truth about Earth dogs: ¡§You¡¦re all pets!¡¨ Now Owen (a boy who never had a friend) and Hubble (a dog who never needed one) must work together to prepare the neighborhood dogs for a visit from The Greater Dane–or all dogs will be removed from the planet! The fate of Earth dogs hangs in the balance, and it¡¦s up to Owen, Hubble, and their canine companions to save man¡¦s best friend.


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I have just bought three books by Jimmy. The author for the book Turn Left, Turn Right

Its so comfortable to read his books and his books never failed to bring tears to my eyes…   

a fish with smile


creamie found!

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Yeah hey!

Creamie has been found! After more than 20 hours of freedom, I thought she would be gone forever… I really looked everywhere! Under the couch, behind the fridge and I even removed everything from the storeroom just to look for her. I even suspected that Creamie might have been eaten up by Dexter… Sorry, boy.

It was 11.45 pm and I was lying down on my bed playing games on my phone when suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange flashed by behind the rubbish bin but when I looked, there’s nothing there. Suspicious, I get out of bed and went forward to have a look. I peered behind the table, moved it a bit and something ran out! It was Creamie!!

I tried to scoop her up but she ran back behind the table. I tried to catch her again and she ran out again… What a notti gal! Haha!


where’s creamie?

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Creamie is missing! She’s gnawed a hole out of the cover of her cage.  Now, I can’t find her anywhere!!!