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Happy Teachers’ Day

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Yesterday, I went back to school for a visit.

I have been anticipating this day for the past week thinking how exciting it would be to meet up old friends and teachers but when I neared the school gate, my feet seemed to get heavier and heavier. I stood outside the gate and I paused for a moment. All of a sudden, I didn’t want to go in anymore.

The celebrations were going on inside and the crowd were enjoying the performance but somehow, I felt I wasn’t part of it and I was reluctant to gatecrash the event.

But having agreed to meetup with some ex-councilors, I dragged my feet into the foyer and the first person I saw was Miss Tan. She walked towards me with open arms and almost wanted to hug me!

I saw some friends as well and talked to the teachers. Its a pity Mama Lum isn’t around anymore and what a shame that I might not have the chance to see her anymore. I truly missed her wicked sense of humor!

After the celebrations ended, I hang around the school and chatted with the ex-councilors as we reminisce about the past. One by one, they started leaving and I was the last to leave.

Other than the few councilors who stayed behind to clear up the place, there wasn’t anyone else I knew whom I could wave goodbye to.

As I walk the lonely path out of the gate, there is this emptiness stirring inside me as I bade my final farewell to the school which gave me many memorable memories in the past.

Sharon Lee helped me with Advanced Accounting I

Now, Mama Yu is helping me with Advanced Accounting II

Accounting Block

A2-06: Auditing Theory classroom

Watching 881

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This post was one week overdue. 

881papaya (600 x 400)
I brought my parents to see 881 last Wednesday and luckily, I booked the tickets in the morning because by the time we get to the theatre in the evening, the tickets were completely sold out!

This movie was really funny yet sad at the same time.  There are the hidden crude jokes here and there if you know how to ‘catch’ it.

881xiangu (600 x 450)
The xiangu part was damn hilarious!  Liu Ling Ling is my new idol!!  Watching her beats watching Fann Wong anytime.

881715 (450 x 600)
Qi Yi Wu keeps playing with his jiao in the movie.

881kelvin (600 x 450)
The song which Kelvin sings in this scene is really nice.  Make me lau bak sai

881durian (400 x 600)
The Durian bra can shoot laser beams 360!

 881bapoks (600 x 400)
The bapoks (are they for real?) were really funny but they had too little scenes!  I can’t get enough of them!

Overall, I still preferred the catfights and bitchslaps between the Papaya and Durian sisters the most.  The emo part where Little Papaya keeps crying gets on my nerves abit however, I would still recommend this show if you haven’t watch it yet.

Most of the Hokkien songs in the movie are nice and people are searching for the OST after watching the movie.  I heard that the OST was out of stock island-wide and record stores are busy replenishing stocks.

If you haven’t watch it yet, why wait?

buay buay yeo ah yeo ah yeo! buay buay yeo ah yeo ah yeo!


Euthanasia – The Easy Way Out?

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Please see this video. (Not for the fainthearted though)

I don’t want to embed it because I cannot bear to see the image at all.  Dogs have always been our faithful and loyal companion yet this is the sorry ending they get in return.

Please listen to their cries and the haunting echoes that filled the dark corridor when they’re being dragged out to be killed.  This has got to be the most heart-wrenching cries ever! 

Could anyone imagine the pain and agony that they’re going through?  Who could ever understand their helplessness as one by one, they succumbed to the effects of the poison and collapse to the ground?  The poor dogs are paralyzed with fear that they’d even lost control over their bowels! 

There’s not a single word of comfort nor even a warm hug to help make their passing over easier to bear.  They left this world feeling scared, betrayed and unjustified.  All they leave behind is an air of grievances which they cannot seek redress for.

WHY?  Why should they be made to pay for the mistakes of their owners with their lives??  Do dogs really deserve such wretched lives?

This is the REALITY of what will happen to the dogs that end up at the pound if they cannot find a home!!!

So, please don’t paint such a pretty picture of breeding your dog.  There are already a surplus of them in this world so stop creating more because there are not enough homes for all of them!  Every puppy that you bring into this world would cause the death of a pound dog somewhere else.

You may not realize but what you see in the video could also happen to one of the many puppies whom YOU had bred and sold when his owner didn’t want him anymore.  Same thing for current dog owners, please do not abandon your dogs in the streets now that you knew where they will eventually end up at and the fate that awaits them…

“For every dog that was put down, someone out there was responsible for its’ death.”

A dead dog lies beside a bin filled with the syringes that killed him and the many dogs before him…

Remember This Ad?

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“Hi, I’m a single, 24 year old looking for a special companion I can share my beauuuuuutiful home with.  I cook, I clean, and I promised to be home by 7pm everyday.  I missed my special companion cause I lost mine last week.  So, please call if you have a white maltese puppy for sale…”

The ad is for an Online Classifieds called  I paid the website a visit and discovered that there are actually many posts regarding pets for sale and there are even people offering/seeking pimping services for their dogs.

In the ad, the lady was looking for a ‘special companion’ because she had lost hers a week ago.  When I first saw the ad, I thought it was rather creative but after watching a few more times, I realised that something is not quite right.  The ad wasn’t sending out the message correctly. 

Whether morally or emotionally, it just doesn’t seem right to go round looking for a new pet after the previous one went missing a few days ago? 

The media have the power to influence it’s viewers hence it plays a substantial role in educating and instilling the correct values to the public.  They must be mindful of what goes on air, thus, I wrote a letter to them sometime back.

“Dear Sir,

I wrote in with regards to the Pets Section of the Mocca Classifieds.  Mocca provides an alternative avenue for consumers to “search”, “buy”, “sell”, and “connect” and is indeed a convenient way of bringing the buyers and sellers together.

However, I am very disturbed by some postings from the Pets Section whereby people are seeking for ‘mating’ services for their pets.  These people may not know that under the AVA rule, it is an offence to breed and sell from a unlicensed premise (eg, residential) without approval.

I attached the notice from AVA below:

Notice From AVA:

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is the regulatory authority that safeguards animal welfare in Singapore. In this respect, one area under AVA’s purview is the display and sale of pets.

We would like to advise that the individuals who post advertisements to sell animals on forum page may be committing an offence under Section 48 of the Animals and Birds Act 2002 which states that no person shall keep in captivity for sale, export or exhibition any animal or bird in any place that has not been licensed.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) would like to inform the public that the commercial breeding of animals can only be carried out on farms licensed by AVA. Pet owners who regularly breed and advertise to sell pets can be considered as commercial breeders. An individual convicted of breeding and selling animals from his premises without a licence from AVA can be fined up to $5,000 upon conviction.

We seek your assistance to stop the illegal sale of animals over the Internet. You can assist us by deleting postings by net users who regularly advertise ornamental fishes, birds and rodents for sale in forums and providing us with their details.

AVA Notice & Import/Legality issues with regards to Arowanas and other protected species. (05-04-2004 until 01-01-2008)

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is the regulatory authority for trade in food, live animals and plants for Singapore. The import and export of live animals requires prior approval from AVA, and endangered species are further subject to international controls under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), to which Singapore is a party since 1987.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) would like to remind all net users that only AVA licensed traders are allowed to engage in commercial trade in fish (such as Asian arowanas), corals and other marine invertebrates. Under the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act, it is an offence for a person to sell, offer for sale, or display to the public any CITES species (eg. Asian arowanas, hard corals, giant clams and many others) that has been imported without AVA permits. The offender is liable to be prosecuted in court and may be fined up to S$5,000 (or S$10,000 for repeated offences) and/or jailed for one year. For more details, please refer to the AVA website at

As the Arowana remains a protected species, I would like to remind traders of fishes to ensure that the sales/promotional messages made here must conform to the import/export laws/restrictions imposed on your country.

If you are making a country specific sale, please state the country in the title or post message so that members will know where the sale is limited to/valid for.

Certain species which are endangered whereby any form of trading is prohibited by respective country laws is strictly not allowed and the governing authorities have every right to pursue the matters if necessary.

It is my hope that Mocca could remove those postings and to moderate future postings to prevent your users from getting into trouble with the law. There are already many abandoned animals in the SPCA so it would be great if Mocca could discourage the selling of pets to prevent more abandoned pets which are bought on impulse over the internet.
I CC-ed a copy of the mail to SPCA as well and received the following reply:

“Thank you for sending the SPCA a copy of your email to MOCCA (August 15th)  highlighting animal welfare concerns and raising awareness. We appreciate your support and initiative.  We have in fact written in to MOCCA on another matter regarding an advertisement now airing, as it does not in our opinion, promote responsible pet ownership.

Thank you again for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Deirdre Moss (Ms.)
31 Mt. Vernon Road
Singapore 368054”

Qiang Qiang

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The Interview
Edit: The MV

My emotions were stirred once again when I saw this news on Entertainment News earlier today.  Ella has released her latest EP in memory of her Pug and all proceeds will be donated towards doggy rescue in Taiwan

In this day and time, it’s comforting to know someone out there still cared about the welfare for the less fortunate strays and I’m sincerely touched by her gesture.

This song has brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

The lyrics are simple but it holds a special meaning to me because all the pinings I had for Dexter, has been deftly incorporated into this song.  There are alot of things that I wanna say to him but this song has cleverly spelled out everything hidden in my heart which I didn’t know how to express into words. 

Thank you, Ella and Qiang Qiang.

Ahhh, such fond memories…

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Lately, SC memories keep flashing in my mind constantly. I missed everything about the SC! The purple couch, the shaky whiteboard, the Singa Puppet and not forgetting the green/blue lizard with the hole in the arse which I keep inserting my finger in (to push back the exposed cotton wool lah!)

I remembered how I used to wrestle with JJ inside the SC Room, where we would roll from the table and onto the floor! There were also times when GM pulled tables together and played table tennis like a pro albeit the tennis ball was flying all over the place. Then, during some of our late evening meetings when the sun goes down, a few of us would sneak out from the door and climb in from the window just to scare the timid ones.

I vividly recalled during one of the camps, I was inside my sleeping bag and trying to shift to a better position facing the air-con but Mr Chua laughed that I looked like a giant caterpillar wriggling in my cocoon… Everyone had a good laugh and I even flipped over the purple couch!

Then on another occasion, we accidentally burnt a hole in the middle of Mr Ravi‘s precious soccer field and we even got an earful from him! In the end, we were made to mend the burnt patch by ‘transplanting’ with the grass from the side of the field.

Now thinking back, the camaraderie of sharing woe and weal together is something so priceless!

Every project we took up is a challenge and we learnt important lessons like teamwork and teamspirit. There are happy times and not-so-happy times but it’s these unhappy times that made the happy times seem sweet. Being in the SC family has really enriched my three years in school and life would be so dull without it!

Let’s flashback to some of our past activities…

SC CAMP 2005

SC Camp Mar 05 044
Beware! Ginamon is here!

SC Camp Mar 05 014
Haida and me

SC Camp Mar 05 029

Open House 2005

SC Open House 2005 Day One (36)
Balloons galore

SC Open House 2005 Day One (122)
Yanling and Jeffrey

SC Open House 2005 Day Two (34)

SC Investiture 2006

The whole of College Central‘s EXCOs taking the Oath


14th and 15th EXCOs

SC Camp 2006 – MacRitchie Hike

Me and lao gao

Me and Yanti


Eco Camp 2006 – Sentosa

Siew Hwee, Me and pink dolphin


Kewl Turtle

Bonding Day 2006

Nap Nap!

Captain’s on the deck!

Bishan Carnival 2006

Fanny and I

Me and Huiling

Bishan Councilors and VIPs

Teachers’ Day 2006

Performers backstage

Heritage Fest 2006

Fun On Foot!

National Congress 2006

Hi… Hi… HiHi… Hi5!

To my current councilors, do enjoy every second of your term of appointment. We handpicked each and every one of you and for some of you, we fought hard. Like an unpolished diamond, there are certain qualities in you waiting to be discovered hence, we bypassed the other probation councilors just so we could have you! Take this opportunity to prove your abilities and shine with us!

Don’t be shy to give everything a try because you only have a year or so with us and before you know it, everything will be over. You wouldn’t want to leave the campus with the nagging regret that you didn’t do enough?

To Wenqiang, congrats on your appointment as Deputy Treasurer! There’s a chinese idiom that says, “Persevere and thou shall see the moonlight when the clouds parted!”

To my 16th EXCOs, work hard! I’m sure by now you guys would have realized that being an EXCO is not a bed of roses? It’s a thankless job not many would thank you for BUT don’t let that get you down! Always stand by and support one another. You must learn to accept and respect each others’ flaws only then, the EXCOs will be united to bring the whole Council together.

You have to know that every action and decision you make or do will not only affect yourself or the EXCOs, but it will also affect the running of the whole Council.

dogs for adoption

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I’ve edited my previous post.? I’ll consolidate all dogs related entries in another blog.?


Here are some of the dogs for adoption.? To know more about them, please click here.

Oh yes, if you leave me a message using the comments function below this post, you’ll find that you can draw me a message too!


ASD calendar 2008

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Hi everyone

Please preview our ASD 2008 calendar where our lovely and lucky adopted furry friends are lovingly captured in gorgeous colors and poses!

Last year, the calendars were sold out by November, so this year we are starting a little earlier in order for you to have more time to consolidate orders.

These classy and high quality calendars are still priced at $10 (we absorbed the 2% gst increase) and will make great christmas or corporate gifts for your loved ones and clients and will help spread the word about helping the less fortunate as well!

For bulk orders of 20 copies or more, we will be happy to deliver the calendars free of charge right to your office or home!

Please call us at 92590698 (this is a pager number, when you hear the beeps, press * followed by your number, then press **) or email us at with your name, contact number, delivery address and quantity.

Delivery will commence during the 1st week of September 07.

As for smaller quantities, we will be stocking the calendars at many convenient locations during the first week of September so that you can pick them up at your convenience. Please go to the
link above to view the list of venues which will be carrying our calendars

We sincerely wish to thank all of you who have supported us all these years and hope that you will continue to buy or help sell the calendars.

This year, we have the added burden of getting the budget needed to keep our Adoption & Rescue Centre operating as well as the all critical medical budget for 2008. Please help us to help them!

For the animals
Ricky Yeo


The ASD Calendar 2008 is also available at the following locations from the 1st week of September 07. Please call ahead for stock availability.

The Animal Clinic
Blk 109 #01-31
Clementi St 11
Tel : 6776 3450

The Animal Clinic
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-63 Bright Centre
Tel : 6440 4767

Namly Animal Clinic
74 Namly Place
Tel : 6469 4744

The Animal Recovery Centre
3 Greendale Ave
Tel : 64637100

Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre
288 Balestier Rd #01-01
Tel : 62522623

Loving Pets
168 East Coast Rd
Tel : 6346 1286

Sundream Pet Land
545 Orchard Road #02-24
Far East Shopping Centre
(Next to Hilton Hotel. Take the escalator outside)
Tel: 6224 9944

Urban Pooch Cafe & Dog Boutique
530 Balestier Road
#01-07 Monville Mansion
Tel: 6252 5046

NYDC Cafe N Restaurant
Wheelock Place
#02-19 501 Orchard Rd
Tel : 67363253

Wheelock Place
#02-19 501 Orchard Rd
Tel : 67363253
Suntec City
#B1-012 Fountain Terrace
Tel : 63383526

The Marmalade Pantry
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road #B1-08
Tel : 67342700

All Cedele Eatery Branches

Frankel Avenue
115 Frankel Avenue
Tel: (65) 6243 2056

293 Holland Road #01-01
Jelita Shopping Centre
Singapore 278628
(inside Cold Storage Supermarket)
Tel: (65) 6468 8134

Republic Plaza
#01-13 Republic Plaza
Tel: (65) 6532 6163

Novena Square
#01-01/02 Novena Square
Tel: (65) 6258 5991

Raffles City
#B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: (65) 6334 4828

Suntec City
#B1-008 Suntec City
Tower 5
Tel: (65) 6341 9968

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #03-14
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: (65) 6732 8520

Great World City
#01-01/02 Great World City
Tel: (65) 6836 1426

Dogs Are Not Toys!

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The last I counted, there were at least seven Jack Russell Terriers ranging from just 9 months to 12 years old which are available for adoption.  Some of them are currently in SPCA‘s custody whereas others are in foster homes.

Some common reasons excuses for giving up the dogs included the arrival of a new baby, moving to a new apartment which doesn’t allow pets and a lack of time, etc…  *Yawns* 

Pets are a lifelong commitment (their lives; not yours) so don’t get one on impulse only to regret it later.  Dogs, especially Jack Russells are NOT the dog for everyone.  They are like little tornados dressed in fur coats who leave behind a trail of destruction wherever they go.  If you are not prepared to be a doggy slave OR if you have a weak heart, please don’t get one at all! 

I can’t emphasize this enough! 

CUTE‘ – is the worst reason a person could ever come up with when he wants to own a dog.  Tell me frankly, which puppy isn’t cute? (okay, apart from the Chinese Crested Dog)

If you want to get pregnant within the next 15 years, don’t get a dog!  If you need to study/work/relocate overseas, don’t get a dog!  If you have a crappy mother-in-law, don’t get a dog!  If you have whiny neighbors, don’t get a dog! 

Why do I mention that?  It’s because, these are the most often used excuses given whenever a dog is being given up.

There may be only one reason when you decided that you want to own a dog but there could also be a hundred and one excuses to get rid of him when the reality of dog-keeping sinks in. 

So, what does dog-keeping means?  To me, it could mean the poo in the living room, the vomit under the table, the chewed up LV bag, half a dead lizard on your bed or even the humping on your guests’ legs.

By this time, you might realise that the dog isn’t that cute afterall…

Please understand that dogs are pack animals and they crave for attention.  So, don’t buy a dog home only to leave him all alone in the house!  A lonely dog left to his own devices is a destructive creative dog!  (refer to picture on the left)

Whilst you have your friends, your hobbies and your job, your dog only have you.  Your dog can’t go shopping at town with his friends or even play Maple Story on the computer! 

To you, he may be just a dog, but to him, you ARE his life, his everything

If you aren’t prepared to spend so much time with your dog, then don’t get one at all!

Don’t make him pay for YOUR mistake with HIS life!  It isn’t fair!

If you cannot take care of your dog anymore, please rehome him.  You owe him that! 

Don’t pass him to just anyone that comes along.  Conduct a proper screening against dubious characters and make sure that the new adopter doesn’t have any funny ideas in his head about breeding the dog or even reselling him off to make a quick buck!  Always sterilize your dog before handing him over to the new family.  It’s the least that you could do for him.

Do take your time to screen potential adopters but don’t wait till the last minute when you are about to give birth or board the plane before you starts to panic where to ‘dump’ him. 

Asking for a token of goodwill is okay but do not ask for $XXX amount of adoption fees.  That’s selling; not rehoming.  Recouping your losses shouldn’t be the priority on your mind right now.  Finding him a owner who could shower him with more love than you could provide should be the paramount issue here.

Things shouldn’t and wouldn’t have turn out this way IF you had bothered to do your homework first before getting a dog.

The reason is simple.  Not all dogs are the same.

Some breeds are bred to herd animals while some breeds are bred to guard.  Some breeds are bred to hunt and there are some breeds that are simply bred to warm your laps.  Different breeds have totally different temperements and you should choose one that fits into your lifestyle.

It’s akin to buying a car.  You don’t just go to a showroom and buy one simply because it’s ‘cute’?  You would have find out first if the car suits your needs?  Is your family able to fit in comfortably?  Is the boot big enough to stash your golf clubs?  Is the backseat spacious enough for you to make out? naughty_raise_brow 

But most importantly is, are you able to afford the car in the long run?

You may well be able to afford the initial cost of a car but it’s the day-to-day upkeep that is the killer!  Think about COE.  What about the road tax?  Season parking?  Maintenance?  Petrol?  Insurance?

What if the car kenna buang?  Changing a new windscreen costs money.  Changing a punctured tyre also need money.  Even covering that hairline scratch mark costs money too.  

Of course, that’s just a analogy I made but the rationale is the same.  The price you paid for the dog is just a small fraction of what you are really going to spent.  Doggy stuffs are not cheap, mind you.  You still have to pay for the license fees, food, toys, training aids, vaccinations, accessories, etc and when your dog falls sick, the consultation fees with the vet costs more than what I had pay my doctor for my common flu!

People often do not think hard enough when buying a pet but dogs are afterall living creatures.  When a car is damaged or old, we can still send it to the scrapyard but can we do the same to dogs?  Well, technically speaking, YES, you can but it’s just not right. 

I absolutely hated those owners who threatened that they would put their dog to sleep if nobody takes him in within a stipulated timeframe.  It’s not as if the dog is sick or suffering?  Just because the dogs have fallen from grace and that’s why they deserved to die?

Just what is the problem with these people?  It is a LIFE that we are talking about here!  Even an ant would instinctively know that it has to climb to a higher ground in order to survive a flood!

Let me reiterate once more.  Dogs are live, living creatures like you and me.  They breathe, eat, shit and make helluva noise (if you don’t already know by now). 

For the good of the dog and yourself, if you are unable to commit to a lifelong commitment, PLEASE DON’T GET A DOG!! 

Perhaps a Tamagotchi would have been better.

Brunch at Yuhua Village

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This week, we went back to Yuhua Village for brunch and this time, we had Bah Ku Tea.


We ordered quite a tableful of food as you can probably see from the picture above.  The auntie was really nice cause she gave us an extra bowl of soup for free.  No bah ku though but the bah ku from the other bowl was enough to be shared among two bowls of soups. 

When the food arrived, the side dishes like the peanuts and cai buey were full to the brim and we were really surprise by the auntie’s generousity.  Is it the common practice here among Yuhua hawkers to be so generous with their servings AND at such a competitive price? 

This place really amaze me!

The pig trotters wasn’t too overly fat and the skin wasn’t too ‘hairy’ too.  This is something that I’m very particular about because I find it gross to eat pig trotters that are not shaved properly.  On the other hand, the intestines (fan cheong), was also very appetising and the sauce goes really well with the rice. 

The soup was the ‘clear’ variety with only bah ku and while the others were singing praises for it, I thought the soup just tasted of peppercorn.  Maybe it’s just me but I still preferred the black variety cooked with herbs.

Despite that, I still find this bah ku tea quite worth the trip.

After our brunch, we walked round the neighborhood.

Guess what I bought? My all-white ah beng slippers has outlived its usefulness already as it fails to provide me with the friction to walk without ‘skating’ around.

The camouflage design cool right?  I thought it would have cost at least $7.90 but the auntie said it’s only $3.50!

Mai tu liao!  I fast-hand-fast-leg bought one pair!

The next trip to Yuhua Village has been tentatively fixed on the 9th of August, National Day.