Month: January 2008

Hello SGH

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Remember the JobsDB Careerfair I attended sometime back? SGH responded to one of my applications and their HR Department called me up to go down for an interview today.

Once again, I was there two hours early and I sat at the garden, going through my certificates. I was caught by surprise when I saw so much people thronging along the corridors. I had never seen so much crowd at SGH before!

It wasn’t this crowded when I accompanied my mum for her many checkups last time.

The HR personnel took me to another block where I was interviewed by the doctor-in-charge of that particular department. I’m glad that my previous medical sales experience and Nitec in Retail proved useful. I guess this interview is quite hopeful as the doctor showed me around and introduced me to her staffs who thought I’m the auditor who came to check on them. 

The doctor was really friendly and that put me at ease. I was able to answer her questions confidently and clearly. Unlike the interview at HSBC, the interviewers were very rigid and they had this seriousness look all over their face. I couldn’t answer some of their questions and I even 答非所问 for my mind is in a blank. I don’t even know what I’m talking about and I just wanted to get out of that place as soon as I could.

During the interview, I could feel gases bubbling in my stomach. My appointment was at 3.30 pm and by the time I finished my interview at 4.40 pm, my stomach was growling. Because of the interview, I was too nervous to eat all day. I had not eaten anything since morning until I reached home and had my dinner at the coffeeshop around 6.15 pm.

By then, my migraine was acting up. I couldn’t finish my food and I felt very nauseous.  

Hello HSBC

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Today, I went for an interview at HSBC around Pasir Panjang.

The building was located inside a industrial park and I had to walk in for about 15 minutes after I alighted at the bus stop. I was there two hours early and I waited downstairs while I went through the interview questions in my head.

While waiting, alot of smokers came down for a smoking break. My whole body was ‘marinated’ by their cigarette smoke and I can’t even smell my own cologne anymore.

When the appointment time neared, I took the lift upstairs for my interview.

I’m merely applying for a lowly post but the Vice President and another guy came to meet me. They took turns to bombard me with tons of questions which nearly causes me to crap in my pants. The breezing air-con wasn’t helping much and I was stuttering away.

What affected me the most was that the Vice President looked strikingly like Mrs Wee! The hair, the dressing and even the mannerism! I was flabbergasted when I saw her!

By the end of the session, I’ve got a gut feeling that this interview is a flop but in a way, I am glad that I wasn’t selected.

HSBC is a huge organisation and the workflow is pretty high. Besides, during my brief moment there, the office seemed pretty high class to me. It was way too high class for me to the point that I felt very uncomfortable and out of place there.


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I remembered watching this Hong Kong flick at the theatre with my brother when I was in primary three! You know, the theatre above Mac at  Clementi Central?

I didn’t dare put down my feet from the chair until the show ended because I was so worried that the ghost would emerge from the screen to tug at my leg! 

At that time, I was so traumatised that I didn’t even dare to go to the toilet alone for the next couple of nights! I had to force myself to sleep nightly as the images just keeps recurring in my mind.

Through these years, I’ve been trying to find the VCD but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. Eventually, the “yellow sky don’t let down wu sim eh lang” (皇天不负有心人) for I finally found the show online!

As I rewatched the show, it’s weird that I was laughing non-stop instead of feeling scared! I don’t understand why I felt so scared back then?


Xanga 终于支持中文了!

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Post Glittering Days

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I have to admit that Glittering Days is pretty addictive and frankly, just 45 minutes on cable five days a week is plain torture.


I can’t wait for all the misunderstandings to clear up!

How did Ling Fung and Kam Yin discover their blood-ties? Did Ling Fung clear up the misunderstanding and forgive his mother? Why did Kam Yin end up in jail? Did Ling Fung accept Yuk Lan? Did Ling Fung sing again? Did Huang Ying die? Did Carol eventually acknowledge her mother? Will Carol and Hong Zai end up together?


I couldn’t wait hence I went to crunchy to rewatch all the 30 episodes and all the questions in my heart were answered in one single night.

Now I’m paying back with the two eyebags under my eyes but… at least now I know what is the ending like.

Glittering Days is really good. The first half is hilarious with the squabblings between Kam Yin and Ling Fung and the bungle-ups by Yuk Lan, the country bumpkin. The later half is filled with tears and sorrows, back stabbings and betrayals.

This show really reminded me of the 70s, with all the song and dance, the long flowy dresses in obiang colors as well as the big hairdos…

The Three Golden Flowers.

Kam Yin in her younger days.

Ling Fung down and out…

Inspector Hua finally tracked down Ling Fung at Temple Street.

Ling Fung in his glorier days at the club.


Glittering Days

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Currently, I’m hooked on this TVB series on cable. 

Liza Wang as Kam Yin
Roger Kwok as Daidi/Ling Fung
Charmaine Sheh as Yuk Lan

Yuk Lan‘s (Charmaine Sheh) father is Ling Fung‘s (Roger Kwok) benefactor when he took in the orphaned boy back in the village years ago. She had a crush on him and years later, she makes her way to the city to find him, where he is a prominent singer at a club.

Due to numerous misunderstandings, Ling Fung and Kam Yin (Liza Wang), a singing teacher, became arch enemies. Kam Yin accepted Yuk Lan as her student to compete with Ling Fung in a singing competition not realising that she had speech disorder.

By a twist of fate, Yuk Lan had an accident and her speech disorder was cured. Under the guidance of Kam Yin, she became a popular singer where her greatest dream was to sing a duet with Ling Fung on stage.

Ling Fung had many admirers and one of them was Inspector Hua‘s wife. She helped him to produce his own albums and turn up to support him at the club every night. Her infatuation with him turned into an obsession where she ended up taking her own life when Ling Fung rejected her love.

Someone tips off the police with indications that Ling Fung is somehow related to the death of Mrs Hua. Inspector Hua swore to get even and wrecks all of Ling Fung‘s performances. Ling Fung escaped to Temple Street incognito where he retired from the show business selling sugarcane by the roadside.

At this time, Kam Yin found out that Ling Fung was actually her long lost son while Ling Fung discovered that the person who reported him to the police and causes him to lose his singing career was actually his mother…  


The “Three Golden Flowers” makes a comeback at a charity show.

Huang Ying sings the last song for their album before dying of cancer. 

The dancers thought Ling Fung is a pervert due to a misunderstand earlier when they thought he peeped at Feifei in the dressing room.

Yuk Lan undergoing training to be a refined lady.

Ling Fung forlorns for his mother.

Ling Fung reunites with his mother, Kam Yin.


Where is the sense of nationhood?

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I’ve just gotten news that ITE Bishan have scrapped away with morning assemblies. In fact, ITE Bishan held its last morning assembly on the 14th of January, 2008 and with that, all the campuses in ITE College East, West and Central no longer holds morning assemblies.  

Wasn’t it a part of everyday life that Singapore schools start their day with the singing of the National Anthem as well as the recital of the National Pledge? Have we lost our patriotism? Is the oath of allegience to our homeland no longer important? 

When I first went to school as a clueless five year old, I was taught to observe this ceremony with solemnity and respect. I was told to remain perfectly still while the National Anthem is playing and that I shouldn’t fidget around unnecessarily.

As I sang the Anthem and recite the Pledge each morning, it reaffirms my identity as a Singaporean. It also reminds me how hard Singapore have fought for her Independence and how the racial riots have almost destroyed us in the process hence, I’m mystified over ITE‘s decision to scrape this meaningful ceremony.

As a ex-Student Councilor from the ITE, I have seen for myself how students fidget around, scratching here and there, chatting away and even fanning themselves with the newspapers while the National Anthem was still playing. Is that the utmost respect they had for their country?

Does the younger generations today even know the significance behind the National Anthem and the National Pledge?  I shudder at the thought of Singapore‘s future!

I’m now choked with bitterness that the melodious rhythem of the Majulah Singapura and the unison recital of the National Pledge will no longer echo in the amphitheatre.


Tiring day…

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Attended the JobsDB Career Fair at Suntec this morning and after registering at the lobby, I collected the lanyard and proceeded to level four. Thank goodness it’s a Friday morning so there isn’t a huge turn-out. I shudder to think of the mob crowd during the weekends!

I browsed for a long time but only NPark and Cisco seemed ‘normal’ to me. The Beauty and Aviation industry is obviously out while on the other hand, I’ve absolutely no interest in the Marine and Insurance trade.

After the Career Fair, I walked around Suntec aimlessly until my brain is abit concussed and I can’t think properly already. I’ve absolutely no idea why I feel so lethargic today.

I went to Marina Square in search of Mac to buy a drink and to rest my poor, tired feet at the same time. I ordered a small coke and sat there for a good two minutes staring at the drink, hoping my mind power could pull it towards me as I’m too tired to lift my hands to hold the cup.

I had intended to shop around Marina Square after finishing my drink but later decided against it because the place is so huge I didn’t know where to start shopping hence, I walked over to the Esplanade where I waited a long time to take a bus home.

After boarding the bus, the bloody kid behind me kept kicking my seat but the bloody mother did nothing to stop her at all. I had to turn around and throw them a dirty look before the mother gets the hint.

Really buey zi dong one.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Eighth Day

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How time flies!

It’s Sunday already and the parents are coming back at the 5am flight tomorrow morning!

Last night, I was still busy cleaning the gas cooker and kitchen hood while trying to wipe off the thick grime with Jif until 2am. Then this morning, I continued where I left off and began wiping the kitchen top, cabinets and wall tiles too.

I’ve lost count the number of times I climbed up and down the stool to rinse the rag and wipe the walls but my bones are falling apart already. The skin on my hands are now wrinkled and it stings a little due to the long contact with Jif but it sure is a very efficient cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn stains! After cleaning the kitchen, I vacuumed and mopped the entire house too.

Now that the kitchen is done with, and all the window sills in the house have already been wiped and curtains changed in the previous’ weeks, there is literally no heavy chores left for my mum to do! I can proudly say that Spring Cleaning is completed for my house already.

We can just sit back, relax and wait for the Lunar New Year to arrive.

After all that hard work, I’m famished as I still haven’t taken my breakfast nor lunch yet. I’m now having a little craving for Spaghetti but I’m too lazy to cut and chop so I guess I’ll buy the ready made sauce and cook.

I think I’ll watch AVP (Alien VS Predator) while having my dinner tonight.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Seventh Day

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After waking up this morning, I handwashed the laundry, watered the plants and tidied up the whole house. The parents are coming back in two more days and I have to keep the house spick and span awaiting for their arrival.

It was just like yesterday when they flew all the way to China and left me alone to fend for myself. Initially, I wasn’t used to all the loneliness but somehow, I’ve gotten use to the peace and quiet and I think I even enjoy it!

With no one to breathe down my neck, I could do almost anything I want but on the contrary, I’ve been living a more disciplined life for the past few days compared to when my parents are at home.

I believed that staying alone, I have to be responsible for my own actions and I have to do everything myself. There is a stipulated time for everything I do and I’m getting used to such routine already.