the uninvited intruder

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This morning, I was still in bed when I heard my mum shrieking.  I couldn’t make out what gibberish she was gibbering about so I went back to sleep.  After I had woken up, she told me that the kitty had walked through the grilles and into the house uninvited

She said that the kitty was looking at her with its head cocked to one side.  “So cute!”, I exclaimed but my mum thought otherwise…  She chased the kitty out and closed the door.

My mum wanted me to follow her to the bank and when we opened the door, there she was, lying on the mat in grandeur splendor, for all to see.  She slept until buxin, no matter how I call out to her, she didn’t stir one bit.

IMG_1226 (600 x 450)
AwwwTweety sleeping with good ‘ole Putty Tat

IMG_1229 (600 x 450)

I woke her up and she diao-ed  me… Today, I finally turned her around and took a good look at her privates.  No peepee, no dingdongs. Its confirmed a she but it doesn’t matter anyway cause she is already sterilized. 

IMG_1230 (600 x 450)
I think she’s damn dulan with me for outraging her modesty…

am i adopted?

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I think there’s a high possibility that I may have been adopted…

by this fella, lor

Remember him? (link)
Everyday, he would come take his afternoon nap outside my house on this mat.

He would loved to have a good scratching! Tickle his chin and he’ll readily roll over for you.

Wow!? If only it work the same way with girls!
Goochi, goochi, gooooo…

see who followed me home?

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IMG_1024 (450 x 600)
This little fella followed me home just now…
This is a sterilized kitty. Noticed the cliped left ear in the picture below?

IMG_1007 (479 x 600)
The kitty stayed outside and stared at me with it’s soulful eyes.  Now tell me seriously – does all kitties do this?

IMG_1022 (450 x 600)
I succumbed to it’s ploy and offered it some water and food.  After filling it’s tummy, the kitty rubbed itself against my leg in glee, showing gratitude.

This reminds me of the saying, If you pick up a starving dog cat and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.  This is the principal difference between a dog cat and a man.

Kitten crushed by LRT

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I had a terrible day. 

This morning, I was waiting for the train at the LRT station when suddenly, I saw a rat jumped onto the tracks.  A young cat was hot in pursuit and jumped onto the track as well.

From a distance, the train was fast approaching.  I panic but there was nothing I could do. I can’t possibly jump in to save him? If the cat had crouched low and stayed still, the train would have passed over him and he might not have come to any harm. However, he was probably frightened by the vibration of the tracks.

He tried jumping back onto the platform but just at that instant, his body was caught in between the platform and the train and he was being dragged along like a ragged doll while spinning at a very high speed.

Eventually, his body flew into the air and landed back onto the tracks with a thud.  Any visible signs of life could not be detected.

I wasn’t prepared for all this drama early in the morning at 5.55 am.  The impact caused the whole train to rattle as the sleepy passengers inside had baffled looks on their faces wondering what’s going on.

The scene keeps replaying in my mind and I feel so sick just thinking about it.