Month: February 2004

what’s your past life?

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Your Results:

You were male in your last earthly incarnation.

You were born somewhere around the territory of which we now know as modern Burma, approximately in the year 1825.

Your main profession was: spiritualist, a teller of fortunes.

A brief psychological profile of you in that past life: Natural talent of a psychologist, you knew how to use the opportunities you were given, and were calm in any situation.

A lesson that your last past life wishes you to learn in your present life is: Learn determination and persistency. Every misfortune will then crash upon your strong will.

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which nursing course?

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I’m still contemplating about signing up for the nursing course.

I’m stucked between 2 choices. To go for the NITEC one or the NYP one. Both are two years courses but NITEC one is a certificate course by ITE (Bishan) whereas the NYP one is a Diploma. I’m eligible for both but I have left school for so long already and if I were to pick up books again seems like a impossible challenge!

I think I will go for the NITEC course…

Start with the easier course before progressing on to the more difficult one…. Well, see how….

hand-writing analysis

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Have your handwriting analysed!

Below are my results…

Regarding letter size… you clicked “Medium”. Because your writing is neither really tiny or really large, this aspect of your writing is not a significant piece of your personality puzzle. We know you are not as intense as those tiny writers and you aren’t as “flighty” as some of those really large writers. So, you fall into the middle-of-the-road on this character trait.

Concerning the letter slant of your sample (slant reveals emotional outlay)… you chose “Vertical”. You use logical sound judgments to make decisions. You’re ruled by your head, not your heart. You tend to be cool, calm and collected and are good under pressure. In a situation where other people might get hysterical, you have poise.

Some may see you as “detached” or “unemotional”. It’s not that you don’t feel emotions, you just have more discernment when and with whom you express your inner most feelings. You keep them inside longer than most people do. (If your writing is very large you can be very social, friendly and talkative, but still emotionally logical.)

The first time someone makes you mad, you probably won’t say anything. But, you’ll mentally put a mark on the wall and keep your mouth shut until they piss you off again and again. Then, BOOM! You’ll explode, all that pent-up anger comes pouring out! And, you won’t feel any regret at all, because you know they deserved it.

It may sound harsh, but you’re ruled by self-interest. In emotional situations you ask yourself, “What’s best for me?” And, unlike others, you actually have the discipline to follow your logic rather than your emotional whims.
In a relationship, you tend to show your affection by the things you DO rather than the things you SAY. The only exception is if your mate has expressed a need to hear “I love you” on a daily basis, then you’ll gladly express this out of respect for your partner’s needs.

Looking at the letter “i”, you chose “i-dot is just about normal”. This is a good trait to have, because it shows loyalty… a true commitment to stand by those people or ideas that you truly believe in.

Oh boy… the letter “o”… this is a very insightful letter. When you picked “No inner loops, letter is clean and crisp”, that told me that you are very blunt, candid and brutally honest. You are also very straightforward when asked your opinion. You find secrets and deceit just unnecessary. But, most people are not as revealing as you tend to be. So, just a suggestion… if your significant other asks, “Do you think I need to lose a little weight?”, just pretend that you have to go the bathroom and leave the room. And remember the deadly question… “Do I look fat in this dress?” Hint: LIE!

When I asked about the shape of the tops of the humps in the letters “m” and “n”, you chose “Needle sharp points”. This let’s me know that you’re a Comprehensive Thinker. In other words, you can see a problem, instantly size it up, and come up with a solution. But be careful, you have a tendency to get irritated at people who don’t think as quickly as you. I have good news and bad news… Albert Einstein had “m” humps like you. The bad news is… so did Adolf Hitler. You’re smart… what you do with it is up to you.

This is an important trait! When I asked you how high the t-bar is crossed on the stem of the letter “t”, you chose “Midway up the stem”. This tells me that you set goals that are realistic, practical, and obtainable and that your self-esteem is good, but not super high. I would suspect you still have an aversion to taking too much of a risk and you’ll hedge on the side of security.

The good news is your confidence is strong enough to leave a really bad situation and take those first key steps toward living your dreams. People that cross their “t’s” in the upper middle are pragmatic and secure with themselves. But, there are still more dreams to achieve… so stretch yourself even more!

This is a great trait! Concerning your lower case t’s, the last question deals with the TILT of the t-bar. You chose “Upward toward sky”… which tells me that you’re optimistic, forward thinking, and a self-starter. Optimism is one key trait of successful and happy people. So, even if your life sucks today, you automatically assume that it will be better tomorrow!

Concerning your y’s and g’s, you chose “Long straight tail”. This tells me that you have a strong need to make it on your own. You have elements of your personality that indicate that you’re a “loner”. It doesn’t mean you don’t like people, you just don’t want to be crowded… and you demand your time alone.

However, because your “y-tail” is long, you have a strong physical and sex drive. So, you may be a great lover… you just don’t always want to cuddle afterwards!

Concerning your y’s and g’s, you chose “Medium loop”. This tells me that you have healthy physical drives… yes, that means both sexually… and in your ambition. So, you aren’t a prude but you’re not a slut either… you just “like” it.

When I asked you if the first letter of your signature was larger than the other letters, you indicated that it was. This tells me you have a strong sense of who you are and a healthy “ego”. I mean ego in a good way… it takes an expanded sense of self-importance to get things done and demand the world give you what you deserve.

So, your larger letters in your signature indicate a tendency to show the world your self-assured and confident side. The larger the letters… the stronger the ego. If you want to know your full self-image, re-read the section on where you cross your t-bar.


food or taboo?

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Such insanity!

I watched this program on National Geographic a few days ago called ‘Food or Taboo‘ about the eating habits of people around the world.

One of the segments happened in Africa (I think). Every four years, they will hold a ceremony to witness the transition of the village boys into manhood.

To prove their ‘manliness’, they had to sacrifice both a chicken and a dog’s blood to a deity living inside a tree.

The dog to be sacrificed belonged to one of the villagers. The dog’s name translated into english means ‘Patience‘. Patience was a very beautiful four year old mongrel.

With his trusting nature, Patience did not suspect anything when a rope was looped around his neck, oblivious to what was going on all around him! Little did he know that he was going to be the centre of attraction!

Finally the dreadful hour came and the ceremony started. A chicken had its throat slit and the blood smeared onto the tree. Then its feathers were plucked clean while it was still alive and in pain…

When it was Patience‘s turn, he was beaten with a club on the head repeatedly till he bled to death… Blood was gushing from his head as he breathed his last. My heart went bersek at this point.

After smearing his blood on the tree, he was burned with fire to remove his fur and then they cut him up and cooked him. Then they pass his meat around to share with the whole village. When the meat reached his owner, he said, “I feel very happy to eat Patience…”

He also said that they are just carrying on a tradition passed down from their ancestors… WTF!

I hope all dogs will not have to go through such anguish and torment before they die… I really hoped that Patience is now happy at the other side of the rainbow bridge where he is loved by all…

don’t poison their minds!

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I was walking Dexter this morning when a group of kids from the nearby child care centre walked by with their teacher. This China teacher was telling the kids, “Don’t go over, wait the dog bite you!”

Then, she repeated in mandarin¡A¡§§O¹L¥h¡Cµ¥¤@¤Uª¯«r§A¡T¡¨

What message is she trying to convey into the minds of these kids? That all dogs bites? Or to be scared of dogs??

If its other people, I have nothing to say but this?IS a teacher that?we are talking about here! A teacher who speaks like a no-brainer?

Dexter was just minding his own business, sniffing at the flowers and chasing the butterflies. He didn’t even bother to look at them!

If she knows nothing, why don’t she just keep her bloody rotten mouth shut instead of trying to poison their innocent minds? Didn’t?she?know that a child is just like a dry sponge? They will readily and believed whatever you told them!

Then what will become of these kids when they grow up?

I wonder where the child care center got her from?? From some warp zone??

Did she really had a certificate in education? Or is her wage cheaper because she’s from China?

I’m not anti-china people or what but they should think thrice before they speak, afterall, the kids look up to them as examples! Darn!

where did you come from?

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You came from the water. Calm and shy, you know
what you want, but sometimes are afraid to
stand up for yourself.

Where did you come from?
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dexter’s iq

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Your dog scored 31.

Your dog is a smarty pants

15 or less Ignorance is bliss
15 to 18 Not particularly perceptive
19 to 23 Although not average, your dog has his moments
24 to 27 About Average
28 to 31 Pretty doggone smart
32 to 37 Your dog could’ve taken this test by himself