Month: January 2004

the ‘accident’

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Oh dear! Oh dear! I think I may had an accident… Last night, I decided to let Creamie and Cloud out of their individual cages to play and socialise abit.

Then, I heard something interesting on the?telly and turned my head. I swear it was only for a few seconds but when I look back, Cloud was already ‘riding’ on Creamie and ‘hey sheow, hey sheow’

The ‘deed’ was done…

That Cloud was on auto mode and vibrating so fast that all the motion I can see is in a blur… That boy is so hum sup!

Now I can only wait for 16 days(17 Feb) later to see is there any pups…

Campbell found!

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Campbell has finally been found -?after more than 42 hours of freedom without any water or food. I just can’t find her anywhere. Under the bed, behind the cupboard, everywhere!

Yes, if you remembered, she is the one whom I ‘flung across the room’ when she escaped the other time. She is such a houdini!

No cage is secured enough to lock her in if she is determined to get out!

I have noticed poo around the hamster enclosure but I never realised that she’s been hanging around there all these while! I’m surprised that she isn’t dead?yet!

She must have been gone for too long cus when I tried to put her back with her mates, they all rejected and started to attack her. Now she has a bloodied nose and a new cage. But she has to stay alone for now…


*Ps. I didn’t found Campbell. Dexter did…

what kind of zombie are you?

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You are a Dead Alive Zombie. You or somebody that
bit you was infected by the Sumatran Rat
Monkey. You are intent on killing and shredding
anything that moves, unless you’re full of
tranquilizers. You can’t be killed unless you
are completely chopped to bits.

What kind of Zombie are you?
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campbell escaped!

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Remember that time when I mentioned that Creamie came looking for me when she escaped? Well, last night I was sleeping when I felt something crawling on my head…. Yes, you read right. On MY head…

Subconciously, I grabbed that ‘thing’ and flung it across the room… I gradually became more concious and I thought to myself, “Eh? What did?I throw huh? It feels furry furry…”

I switched on the lights and saw a very dazed campbell sitting there at the other side of the room looking at me… Haha! I think he’s suffered a concussion cause he didn’t run or struggle when I caugth him…. But guess what?

When I just when to see in the morning, he’s missing from his cage again…

long wait at the polyclinic

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Gosh… I just return home from the polyclinic… Went there at 10.30 am and waited till 12.30 before I collected my medicine. Thanks?god that I’m not suffering from heart attack if not I’ll be dead when it comes to my turn…

The doctor said my asthma has worsen and started me on a course of? new medication… I have to go back?four weeks later for a follow up…

feel so awful

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Oh God, I feel so awful that I can hardly breathe because I’m now having asthma and flu.

There’s quite alot of phlegm stucked in my throat and I can’t cough it out because my chest hurts like hell with each cough I make… Damn tulan…

dexter’s wish list

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Buster Cube