Month: July 2007

breakfast at jurong east

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Yesterday, my mum and I met up with my brother and sis-in-law for lunch at the Jurong East Food Centre (Yuhua).  Despite the heavy downpour, we braved the torrents and took a bus to our destination because we heard that the food there was nice and cheap.

The place was hugeDAMN HUGE! 

I used to gallivant that area many, many years ago when I was still in secondary school but I don’t recall the place being that big.  I believed the food centre should have undergone a major uplifting through the years?  The stalls were aplenty and we were really spoilt for choice.  Most of the stalls had very long queues and we didn’t know what to eat! 


The succulent chickens from the Chicken Rice stall seems to be beckoning to us screaming, “Eat me! Eat meee!!!” hence we decided to settle for Chicken Rice.  The queue was long but it was very fast moving. 


We ordered half a chicken but it looked as if they served us a whole chicken instead!  The texture of the chicken was very smooth and tender indeed. 

My only complaint was that the rice is a little hard and not that fragrant while the chilli sauce was damn POWER but not spicy enough for my tastebud.

My sis-in-law mentioned that the Cai Tau Kueh there was very famous.  I couldn’t fathom out why?  One glance at the tiny stall and all I see is a elderly man inside.  He didn’t even switch on the lights and the whole stall looked dim and dark.  Unlike the other stalls around it, there wasn’t even a single customer queueing up for their Cai Tau Kueh so how could it be famous?

Then, it dawned upon me that their Cai Tau Kueh were already sold out and the lightsoff were an indication that they had ended business for the day.

We had no fate to savour the famous Cai Tau Kueh. 

Yuan Yang and Tao Huey (See the stall behind? That’s the Cai Tau Kuey stall)

I ordered Yuan Yang and Tao Huey.  Guess how much they costs?  It’s only $1.40!!

It’s really pian yi dao siao lor! 

I thought the auntie calculated wrongly but after confirming with her, it’s fifty cents for each mug (large) of Yuan Yang and forty cents for that bowl of Tao Huey.  The very same stuffs from other food centre (read: Jurong West)  would have cost at least double that amount!

We haven’t had enough yet.  There are alot of food from the other stalls that we have yet to try! 

My mum was already thinking of going back next week. 

movie: Helen the baby fox

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Based on the true story of a boy who found a baby fox crouching by the side of the road.  Despite the objections of those around him, Taichi tried to save the dying baby fox who is blind, deaf and mute.  Named `Helen‘ after Helen Keller (the deaf and blind American author who had inspired the lives of many), the baby fox responds to Taichi‘s devoted care and begins to strive to live.


Feeling a bit neglected himself in his new environment, Taichi found that his newfound guardian role has taught him a great deal about the responsibilities that parents face and opened his eyes to the hardships invovlving his own mother’s stuggle to make ends meet for the both of them.

Helen‘ is personified in such a way that you’ll feel for her mishaps and will to persevere in her fragile little life.  Will Helen overcome her destiny?


Though not as tear jerking as Quill‘, ‘Helen The Baby Fox‘ is still nontheless a touching movie which will motivate you about life.

movie: nada sou sou

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I was at the video store today and?chanced upon?the movie, Nada Sou Sou.?

I’ve seen?the?trailer on youtube sometime back and?I thought that the movie wasn’t available here in Singapore so imagine my delight when I saw the VCD sitting on the shelf!

The story was about two siblings who?had different fathers.? Unfortunately, their mother died when they were still very young and on her deathbed, the brother was entrusted to take care of his?little sister.

With?the promise made to his dead mother, the brother worked very hard to put his sister though school.? When they grew up, they fell in love but unfortunately,?the sister was strucked with a chronic sickness and died.? Although the storyline sounds alot like ‘Autumn in my Heart‘, it did not fail to captivate my heart.

Perhaps you want to ‘OFF’ my music on the left (scroll down abit) before watching the trailer below.? There are alot more versions on youtube so you might wanna search for Nada Sou Sou if you are interested.

I was all tears?after watching this trailer.? Did you?

Ironically, I didn’t buy the VCD.? I was afraid that I would cry buckets just like I did when I watched ‘Quill‘.?

You can hear the theme songNada Sou Sou on my jukebox.? I only hope it would touch your heart as much as it has touched mine.

(If you find the song familiar, that’s because Joi Chua has sung the mandarin version ‘Ri Chu‘)

Emo Time

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I was re-reading some of my older entries and memories starts flooding back…

I’ve been looking for a blogskin which allowed me to have a posting calendar for my archives but I’ve been unable to find one to my liking. The link below would bring you to my very first entry made on November 03, 2003.

Did you see the highlighted parts in pink above? That is the MONTH (11) and YEAR (2003). Play around this two numbers to move around my blog.

I Misses You

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IMG_0980 (600 x 450)

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

~ Unknown

Blog of War

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Just in case you haven’t heard, a war has erupted in the blogosphere between Singapore‘s “Blog Queen”, Xiaxue and our “Street Eyebrow Plucker“, Steven Lim.

Well, it all happened one morning, after Xiaxue woke up from her beauty sleep and she decides to blog about seven of Singapore’s Most Disgusting Bloggers

According to Xiaxue, Steven Lim tops her list as the blogger with ‘the damn perverted look’. Watch how Steven Lim fights back.

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! You CHICKEN PIE!


It’s hilarious watching how Steven Lim lashes out at Xiaxue with profanities and about how short she is, with a extremely short body, arms and legs and how her feet couldn’t touch the ground at all when she’s sitting on a chair.

I’m a supporter of neither one and I’m just enjoying my popcorn watching the two ‘romancing’ each other to death.

Actually, as per what many has said, I agree that they both made a compatible pair.  You see, Xiaxue is good with english but sucks at mandarin while on the other hand, Steven Lim sucks in english but is good with mandarin so they really complement each other flawlessly.

Besides, both of them are equally desperate eager for fame so, I feel that they are really a match made in heaven as they can work together hand-in-hand towards a common goal. 

friday the thirteenth…

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wasn’t such a bad day for me.

It’s my first day of work at a Japanese Company dealing with spare parts for enviromental-friendly buses and I was attached to this senior who show me the ropes.

Other than the senior and my immediate head, the rest of the colleagues seemed very unsociable and unhelpful. Perhaps, that’s because I haven’t got to know them yet but based on my observations for the first day, everyone are busy working at their own desks and there isn’t any interaction among them unless it’s related to work.

One probable reason could be because this?is a Japanese Company. Japanese are very serious when it comes to work and they are very particular about punctuality. I gotta be on-the-ball if I were to keep my ricebowl.

Another bad problem is that my desk is situated right in the middle of the office where everyone can see what I’m doing. This simply means no funny ideas like loafing around or surfing of the internet. This is especially so because seated right on the other side of my cubicle is The Japanese.

I’m trying to absorb as much as I can because I will be replacing the senior whom I’m currently attached to and she is leaving next Friday.?Now I feel very stressed because I’m worried that I’ll be unable to learn everything in time.

Sian… It’s only the forst day and I don’t feel like working there already.

A belated post

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Attended Sam‘s birthday at Aloha Loyang chalet last week.

We went to the beach behind the chalet and wrote on the sand but we never build sandcastles. We had fun writing until two underaged Ah Lian wannabes come disturb us and spoil all the fun. We write they also write. No creativity at all so I go do something else…

Look where your feet tread!

I found some pieces of broken glass while Jeffrey even found a fish hook! Don’t know who left them there? Can’t imagine if someone stepped on them, especially that hook!

I went round looking for more broken glasses and threw them into the dustbin before any accidents could happen. I wish people could be more considerate towards other people as well  as to the environment.

Look what the tide brought in?

It’s a dead baby Flowercrab. Too bad it’s too small and not much meat for us to BBQ.

Talking about the BBQ, the tama (not ‘他妈’ but the furry furry fire-starter) and the cheapo brand charcoal won’t light up at all!

We spent close to two hours setting up the pit but what we get is alot of smoke and dirty stares from the neighbors as if our chalet is on fire.

As darkness falls, other people are already happily BBQing and eating but we are still trying to start a fire!


From this, I’ve come to a conclusion and that is: we make lousy arsonists.

Eventually, we managed to get the fire going. Everyone got their food and we are all happy kids once again.

Dog Nutrition

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Corn is added into petfood to act as ‘fillers’. This means, the corn is only used to make the dog fill full after eating but it don’t really serve any nutritional benefit as dogs can’t digest corn at all.

The next time you buy dog food, read the label. If it contains fillers like corn (or even Beet Pulp), think twice, because…

The corn is gonna come out looking exactly the same way when it went in. So, don’t waste money on fillers. Meanwhile, do look out for harmful preservatives like BHT,BHA and Ethoxyquin too as they might cause liver and kidney problems.

Read more about BHT, BHA and Ethoxyquin here.

The seemingly harmless-looking grapes/raisins is another thing to watch out for. They are toxic and could cause death to dogs too!

At the same time, chocolate is also poisonous to dogs. Chocolate contained a substance called theobromine and dogs DO NOT posses the enzyme to break it down thus resulting in the poisoning of the bloodstream.