Month: April 2008

The Evils of Rising Costs

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Edit: I just had the same thing back at the old stall and they too had raised the price to $2.50. 

I believe the reason why most people had this Economical Mee was because of it’s economical value but since it is no longer that economical, I’ll just head straight for the Bah Chor Mee next time… 

Usually, the same combo at the stall where I frequent would have costs me $2.20 ($1.90 if without cabbage) but today, the other stall which I went to charged me $2.50! 




The Attack of Gokuburi-San

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Sometimes, I’m amazed by our inborn ability to sense danger.

Just last night, I was working on the computer when something inside tells me to turn around and behold, crouching right there on the door was the filthiest, smelliest, ugliest and largest cockroach I had ever seen.

All was well until the cockroach realised that his tracks have been uncovered. Not ready to beat a hasty retreat, the cockroach did what I feared most…















I was desperately looking around for a rolled-up newspaper that I could use to wallop that filthy thing but there was nothing within my reach that I could lay my hands on! (No, I can’t possibly fling my lappy at him!)

Bear in mind that he has cut off my escape route to the living room and I’m now cornered! 

And that’s when it happened.

The cockroach took one mighty leap into the air and began flapping its wings furiously! Just as detestful as it’s looks, those damn wings are making the nastiest flapping sound I’ve ever heard!

And worst of all, he’s making a beeline for me!

Isn’t it annoying that cockroaches seems to have a knack of knowing who’s afraid of them and will always approach the one who feared them the most? It’s almost like they can read our minds!

Isn’t that scary? Cockroaches who CAN think AND analyse?

That’s it. I have nowhere to run to and nothing to defend myself against the intruder. All I could do at that moment was to… scream.

The cockroach was fast approaching me at an alarming rate but just before it reached me,  he suddenly changed his course towards the window and landed on the grills instead. After touching down for a few seconds, the cockroach continued it’s flight out of the window and disappeared into the darkness…

I was visibly shaken to have just narrowly escaped from a flying cockroach’s ruthless attack!

Somehow, I couldn’t put my heart at ease with that monster still at large somewhere out there.

Does he have a accomplice? Is he lurking somewhere in the darkness spying on me? Or is he bidding his time to launch a second attack on me? 

Battling with evil cockroaches is a lifetime affair.

Until Gokuburi-San is apprehended and brought to justice (what’s my url again?), I shall not open my windows.

Terrific Therapy

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Received this via email.

comma_openExtend your penis with loads of inches running on the terrific therapy.comma_close

Normally, I would have ignored such spam mails but there’s something about it that caught my interest… 

How do you perform terrific therapy on a penis?

Do you:

  • Milk it?
  • Slap it?
  • Blow it?
  • Tickle it?

Of Books and Etiquette

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Was browsing at the Times Bookshop today when I saw this two books but I’m still contemplating whether I should buy or not because I’ve run out of space on my bookshelf.


I also happened to see the Spiderwick Chronicles box set which seems like quite interesting… 

I have always like goblins, ogres and all that magical/fantasy kinds of stuffs (which probably explains why I like Harry Potter too). Perhaps, reality is too tough for me to handle already that’s why I like to immerse myself in a make-believe world.

After leaving the bookshop, I had lunch at the nearby foodcourt but I was greeted by an awful sight which almost cause me to lost my appetite!

Etiquette please!

I find it rude for ladies (irregardless of age) to sit with their legs wide open! I find it so embarrasing I don’t know where to look…

Not only did she spread her legs, she keeps lifting her foot onto the stool next to her aka kopitiam style.

For goodness sake, we are at Orchard Road and not your friendly neighborhood coffeeshop downstairs! 

I hurriedly finished my meal and went to PS to watch the Goldfishes at the basement.

heart Redcaps and Pearlscales!

Well, at least Goldfishes are much more graceful (and easier on the eyes) to watch than that auntie!


Saw this interesting news on Yahoo news

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comma_openAn Italian man was given a suspended jail sentence for staring
too intensely at a woman sitting in front of him on a train.



Should I file a complaint too since I’ve also been getting weird stares from some silly old men at the urinals?

First date with my F330

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Today, I accompanied my mum to Boon Lay Place Market as she’s been craving for their Hakka Lui Cha for the longest time.



So-so Wanton Mee. I actually ordered from the salah stall!


My mum’s favourite Hakka Lui Cha. What to do? She’s Hakka.

They have increased the price from $2.50 to $3.


The Prata is soft and fluffy on the inside, yet crispy on the outside. Did I mention that the fish curry is damn power?

I can’t remember the unit number but it’s along the same row as the Hakka Lui Cha.

Be prepared to queue for up to ten minutes but when you sink your teeth into the Prata, you’ll know it’s all worth it!

Here’s the report of my field trip with my F330 and this is what I have to say:

“I chotto heart my F330!”


Ain’t Loving It!

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This Cisco guard is my hero. How I wished I could say, “Quiet! Shuddup!” to the patients like he did then. 


During my stint at the hospital, we do run into patients who are like that from time to time.

Well, not as drama as this one is but still, bad enough.

That’s the sort of ‘danger’ we medical workers are exposed to everyday.

Some of the patients are really unreasonable and starts yelling at us over the slightest things when they could not get what they wanted.

If not for these sickening people, I would not have quitted my job at the hospital.

What a shame…

Thank God, I am already out of that place so NO MORE nonsense from these people anymore!