Month: April 2004

buying electricals

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Yesterday wnet to COURTS at Jurong Point and brought?a 43 inch Projection TV, a washing machine, a German brand vacuum cleaner (Krachner or something) and a electric fan

Got lots of lucky draw coupons from them and first price is a bedroom makeover!! I so needed that!!!

hamster on my pillow

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Last night at 4 am, I was woken up by a ticklish sensation on my head and when I opened my eyes, I saw one hamster sniffing around on my pillow.

I quickly caught it and put it back into the cage. Then, when I went to the kitchen to wash my hands, I saw another one in the middle of the kitchen, sitting on its hindlegs looking at me sheepishly. 

I scooped it up and put it back into its cage…

By the way, the two hamsters were from different cage!

My hamsters are all houdinis… I guess it runs in the blood! My hamsters have the knack of coming to look for me after they finished gai gai around the house.

Some of you may be wondering why I always have hamsters ending up on my bed when I sleep at night because I slept on the mattress on the floor.? This is because I have thrown away the bed frame already.

which royalty are you?

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You are a Prince!
Possessing a strong will, you are ambitious and determined, valiant and noble, but still know how to have fun.
You admit you still have a lot to learn in life, but what you have learned and experienced has brought you far!
You strive to achieve the best in yourself and to meet your own expectations as well as those of others around you.
When under pressure to perform, you do so with flying colors, but if you fail, you may fall into slight depression but will always get back on your feet because of your strong will and nature. Personal growth and learning are highly important to you! You will go far in life.

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

house of thai

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Had lunch with Mizu at House of Thai along Purvis Street today.

For starters, we had Mango Salad. It was very sour but nonetheless very appetising! There’s lemon juice, green mango, chili oil and shallots.

Then, we had Tom Yum Soup. Its not that spicy as I had thought and there’s only one piece not-so-fresh shrimp plus a few cuttlefish slices.

The main course is Stuffed Chicken Wing served with Pineapple Rice. The chicken is stuffed with minced chicken, carrots, water chestnut, etc… Taste is not bad but nothing exciting about it. The filing is similar to what you can find in a Dumpling.

The Pineapple Rice had bits of lup cheong and pineapple in it. On the whole, I would rate the food 5/10. Ambience 7/10. The price is very reasonable and the best part about it is there is no additional service charge!

I would not mind going to this restaurant more often though the food didn’t really meet my expectations…

movie: the passion of christ

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I just watched The Passion of the Christ at a private screening for City Harvest members at Great World City.

Just before the show starts, I saw that freaking faggot Andy from camp. Its been more than five years since I last saw him after ORD. I didn’t know he’s in City Harvest too.

I didn’t want to see him at all and tried to avoid him by going in the other direction but he keeps showing up in front of me! Whether its outside the cinema, at the aisle and even inside the toilet but luckily he didn’t see me…

I find the movie is not that nice, actually. I would only give it a 5/10. I find the storyline so-so only and the only interesting part is when they starts torturing him…

Its a little gruesome to see so much blood and gore during the whipping and the crucification…

I heard the movie caused two persons to die of heart attacks in the US and a wanted convict actually turn himself in after watching the show?

It’s a miracle!