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decorating retail hub for christmas

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After school, tidied up the Retail Hub and hung up all the Christmasy balls for the window display. Tomorrow, we’ll be expecting 4 groups of visitors from the Pathlight Special School who would be taking over our campus when we shifted to the new one.


This would probably be the last time that I’m touching up the Retail Hub and it evoked some tinge of sadness in me. The Retail Hub has been our ‘baby?since we first set it up 3 years ago and I’m feeling a little reluctant to leave it. However, I guess it’s time we learn how to let go and let the new Retail Students take over.


After finishing up the window display, I went for lunch with Keith and Jason at J8’s food court. We walked past Minitoons and I saw a few Swissroll soft toys that are so cute! *hint hint!*

I realized that I had not been having my meals regularly. Often, I skipped breakfast and I only had lunch, my first meal of the day at around 3 or 4PM.


I loved the Japanese stall at J8 food court.


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I’m at a loss.

I have no idea how I should ease the tension between the current IO4s and us, the ex-IO4s.  It’s my turn today to train them how to do window display at the Retail Hub but none of them turned up. The training session was supposed to be at 12.30 noon so I opened up the Retail Hub and waited for them.

I waited.

And waited.

2 hours passed and I had already finished cleaning up the whole place but not a single soul turned up. I went to the Cobra Cove where I last saw them  but they were not there at all.

Left with no other choice, I had to inform Mr Yeo and Mrs Tahir about their attendance. The teachers were FURIOUS.  I forsee a terrible storm brewing at IO4 tomorrow.

They should have informed me if they can’t make it and I could always arrange their training to another day.  It is very irresponsible of them to skip training without a word. What does this say about their attitude?

Is this going to be the same attitude that they are going to bring outside when they start working? What would prospective employers think of ITE students?  The general public’s opinion of Technical Education students has not been very positive all along.  What they did is going to further damage the image and reputation of the school.

I’m not the only one who had problems with them. Even Haida and Wanni also faced the same problems during their training session – Unruly, rude, holier-than-thou attitude, DEFENSIVE, etc?

Now I’m afraid that because of today’s incident, they would think that I complained about them to the teachers and that is going to strain our relationship further but I have no choice. The teachers have the right to know what is going on. 

Since Mr Yeo entrusted the task of training them to us, it is our responsibility to make sure that we do our best to train them. We had the duty to report to him, at the end of the day, what we had taught them !

I want to make my stand very clear. I did not make any false accusations against them. What I told the teachers were the truth. If  we were to make any false accusations at them, would we had succeeded if they didn’t give us the opportunity to do so? What could we do to them if they had dutifully attended every single training session? We would have no ‘handle against them to tell the teachers.

Actually, what I had planned for today was to have a heart-to-heart talk with them to find out what it is that they are so unhappy with us about. I wanted to clear up the air and hope to seek their understanding because whether they like it or not, they still have to work with us but… how am I going to do all that when they didn’t even turn up? 

There are all kinds of people in this world and we have to learn and accommodate each other’s flaws. Nobody is perfect. Not me,  Haida nor Wanni.  They would only make themselves and the people around them miserable instead.

I understand that there is some unhappiness they had against us. They assumed that we are ‘Proud?  I feel this is an understatement.  The correct term to use should be ‘PRIDE? Why shouldn’t we? After all, we built the Retail Hub up from scratch.

We’ve spent endless hours staying back after school and even coming back during weekends and school holidays to decorate, display the merchandise, cleaning up the place, etc?

We toil and sweat to make all this possible and not to mention the Bazaar Sale, Fashion Show and Food Cart that we planned and carried out to raise funds for our Bangkok trip. This is OUR achievement!

The point that I’m trying to bring across is we had done a lot for the Retail Hub so there is a sense of belonging, hence, the rationale behind our ‘PRIDE’. They retorted that they did not join the Retail Hub of their own free will and they had other CCAs to join but they do not understand this: They are, by default, members of the Retail Hub the moment they became retail students, hence, it’s NOT a matter of whether they had other CCAs to join or not.

This Retail Hub is only exclusive to Retail students and it IS part of their coursework.  Fail this, and they can kiss their cert goodbye.

It doesn’t affect me whether they attend the training sessions or not.  I have ALREADY graduated from the Retail course and progressed to the Accounting course.  I WILL receive my Nitec Cert in Retail later this month at the Graduation Ceremony which is held at Macpherson ITE.

But they will be in trouble if they carry on like this. It is their future that they are toying with.  Not mine. They can carry on being their sensitive-new-age-kid but they are the ones who’s going to suffer in the end.

If they feel indignant that we had wronged them, then all the more they should buck up and prove to us that they are NOT what we made them out to be!  They aren’t being fair to say that we’re ‘unfriendly?and ‘Proud?without first reflecting on their own behavior and actions.


retail hub meeting

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Today went back to school again for Retail Hub.  Saw Sallee and Haida at Mac then we tapau McMuffin to school for breakfast… 

Reached school and we went to eat at the Cobra CoveWanni came and she made bread with Nutella and cheese for all of us.

Mr Yeo was late and when he came, he suggested we all to go Mac to discuss the plans for the Jumble Sale and Fashion Show so we all walk out of school to Mac again and Mr Yeo treated us Mac breakfast!!  We order, he pay but I didn’t order anything lah because I have just eaten only mah and still full lor.

After discussing, we went back to school and started to redecorate the Retail Hub to give it a new theme.  We also removed all the sponsored items and pack them into boxes to return to the teachers…

Then we had fun undressing the mannequins and dressing them up again…

After Retail Hub, we went back to Mac to continue discussing  about the Jumble Sale and Fashion Show.


busy holidays

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Today is the start of a week-long holiday but heck, there are so many things to do!

I have to go back to school on Wednesday for an interview for the post of EXCO. I didn’t know how I got selected? I definitely have no leadership or wadeva qualities that can make me one? I mean, look around and you sure can find someone else of a higher caliber than me!

I’m already very busy being a member but if I were to become an EXCO, I can foresee myself dropping dead inside the SC Room out of exhaustion!

Another problem is I’m not even sure if my application for Higher NITEC is going to be approved or not?? I don’t even know if I can pass my exams? *Ponder*

Then on Thursday, I have to go back to school again because of Retail Hub. WE NEED A NEW THEME FOR THE SHOP BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!!? *kwa kwa!*

We are going to have a jumble sale to raise funds to stock up the shop but… but… what are we going sell leh?

I also have the ES Module report to write for Ms Janet Xavier but I have no friggin idea how to write that report!

Oh man, there’s so much to do?but so little time!!

it’s coming!

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After school, went to Retail Hub for the last minute touch up.  Finally, after months of preparation, the official opening is next Monday! So happiieee!

No more staying back after school till 6pm!! Yippiiee!!

We can finally show off our precious baby to the whole school and the other campuses.  Everything was done in complete secrecy as the glass panels were all covered with brown papers.

Nobody has ever seen how our shop looks like and we can finally unveil the secrets within on Monday!!

Shall take some pix on Monday when the GOH comes to give his speech and cut lebbin.

Can’t wait!!

retail hub interview

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Yippee! \^o^// I finally found my notebook  inside my classroom locker! 

When I was walking to school this morning, I was still praying fervently that maybe I had left it in my pigeon hole at the SC room so imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it wasn’t there.

My heart is so painful over the loss of the notebook.  Its not a matter of how cheap the notebook is but the fact that I had to slog without dignity for an hour at POPULAR to be able to afford that book!

Luckily, I managed to find it.  I must have accidentally put it in together with the BSA books as it was in the middle.

We were supposed to interview the January intake Retail students who wanted to join the Retail Hub.  We had an overwhelming response and had about 42 names in the name list. We were only recruiting 8 members to fill 4 posts and we were still worrying about how to reject the remainder 34 but in the end, only 6 persons turned up for the interview!!

 Of these 6, only 2 were satisfactory whereas the rest all failed the interview?  They have committed most of the interview booboos. Eg, no eye contact, speaking in monotone, bad body language, etc…

We were trying very hard not to laugh at some of their replies. (we had to be professional, you know?). Here’s some:

Me: Use three words to describe yourself.
Applicant: |I’M|VERY|HELPFUL|

Me: What qualities do you possess that might be beneficial to us?
Applicant: I don’t want to praise myself but I am very helpful.

Me: Why do you want to be in the Retail Line?
Applicant: It’s because I walk in the shopping center and I see the salesman and I wished to be like them.

Hilarious, isn’t it?